As the days wind and point towards Easter,

I am spending time reading the Gospels.

Looking for Jesus in ways that I may never have

seen Him.

I am putting myself in the text and seeing who I look like.

Already it has been a humbling journey.

Could I be like Joseph, setting aside appearances to submit

and obey?

I  see Herod in me.

I can be extreme.

I can let emotion trump reason.

I can desire attention for myself.

I watched Peter, Andrew, James and John this morning.

I thought about how they abandoned what they were doing,

the fishing, the mending and family ties

to follow Jesus.

They left their livelihood, identity and

attachments to quickly follow.

Do I remember the day that I stopped my fixing and


dropping everything to follow?

Does my following have the same intensity today?

Have I allowed other attachments and affections to

slow down my race to be with Him?

Jesus says,

Come to Me.

The men from the East took a detour after they had been beckoned

to come.

The path changes when we come face to face with Jesus.

Herod could have chosen reverence over rivalry

and been set free from a prison of jealousy,

but he refused.

He chose widespread death over abundant life.

Today I can come in spite of all the different natures

that reside in me.

I refuse to look to the left or the right.

I make it my aim to keep my eyes firmly fixed on

Him and to follow




May your every gaze at Jesus deepen your love

and desire to follow close.

I enjoyed looking over this list  of Lenten ideas.

Take a look.

One thought on “looking

  1. I loved your statement, “The path changes when we come face to face with Jesus.” There is much wisdom here in this post to meditate on. Thanks for the link to some great ideas for Lent.


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