friday high-five fuel

friday high-five fuel

I haven’t posted a high-five post in quite a while.

I know that during this season of the year, I tend to

lack cooking inspiration.

Anyone out there with the same malaise?

High fives to winning fuel:

1. Overnight Crock Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

I use my small crock pot and it works perfectly.

Assemble at bedtime and be prepared for morning delight.

2. My favorite green smoothie

1 cup almond milk

1 frozen banana

1/2 cup of blueberries (optional)

1 scoop of favorite whey powder (vanilla)

1 T. natural almond butter

1 handful of mixed greens

1 large handful of spinach

Blend and enjoy a yummy way to get all those vitamins and minerals.

3. Blueberry Breakfast Cake

I say Blueberry Anytime Cake.

Make two…you will thank me the next day.

4. Wedge Salad with Avocado Vinaigrette 

You will love the freshness of this salad and you

could drink the vinaigrette.

The recipe makes a lot and it is thick and can be used

as a dip or even on sandwiches.

5. Brown Sugar and Balsamic Pork Loin

I have always been a bit afraid of pork tenderloin.

It may be the other white meat but I was convinced that

I would cook it improperly and it would mean a dry meat fest.

This is a crock pot recipe and it yields tender and juicy tenderloin.

The glaze is the bomb.

I have made this recipe twice.

The second time, I was on a sugar fast and I took out the brown sugar to make the glaze

but actually forgot to add it.

Everyone still devoured every last shred of meat.

6. Cheeseburger Salad

This is a Pioneer Woman recipe.

I call it an Inside Out Cheeseburger.

If you have never made a recipe from The Pioneer Woman,

you are missing out.

Besides how delicious they are, reading the recipes is half the fun.

Although Caleb looked at the fixings and asked if he could have a real

cheeseburger instead.

He came back for seconds…minus the lettuce and extra meat.

7. Simple Salsa

1-14 oz. can diced tomatoes

1-10 oz. Rotel (original)

1/2 small onion,rough chop

1 clove garlic, smashed

1/2 jalapeno (optional in my opinion)

1t. honey

1/2t. salt

1/4t. cumin

juice of one lime

small handful of cilantro (washed)

Add all ingredients in processor and give it a whirl.

Here’s to great food.

Care to share any of your current favorites?

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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