draining fear

draining fear

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“I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”

John 10:10b

The picture above is what I found after Caleb had taken his bath yesterday.

Bath time is only fun once he gets in the tub and perhaps afterward.

He hems and ha’s and doesn’t want anything to do with cleanliness but

he has learned to make the best of it.

It is apparent he found  joy in the midst of drudgery.

Jesus called a little child to his side and set him on his feet in the middle of them all.

“Believe me,” he said, “unless you change your whole outlook

and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.

It is the man who can be as humble as this little child who is greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 18: 3 (Phillips)

I wonder if living a life that boasts of joy might mean dipping our

toes into waters where we don’t want to be submerged.

It could require  sitting in hot water long enough that wrinkles appears.

I had to test some waters yesterday.

Maybe not hot waters but warm enough.

It required  saying yes when status quo is comforting and familiar.

The rumble of fear settled upon me.

I have found the dull roar is softened and  even

silenced by:

*time with Him (reading the psalms, praying the hours, listening)

*asking for prayer


*focusing on a name of God I desperately need

*reminding myself of His blessings and promises.

*eating healthy food

*getting enough rest

*talking a walk

These small, seemingly basic efforts help to quiet the voices that shout doubt and defeat.

When I am overwhelmed by fear, it swallows me and

becomes the controlling focus.

What seems obvious, flees.

As I  pause,

take a deep breath


consider Him

instead of


the King is magnified.

The fear


all its companions

become less prominent

and I would have to squint to see their outlines.

Joy returns to the living.

That’s me!

It’s for you as well.

I clicked on a blog yesterday and read 5 verses that were

added weaponry in fighting fear.

(HT: Susie)

T  R  U  T  H  (click each letter)

God knew that fear would be a common struggle,

there are countless reminders in the Word to

not allow fear to overpower.

If you are prone to fear, why not choose

one of those five verses or search for one.

Memorize it.

Talk about it.

Pray it.

Write it on index cards.

Enter it in your cell phone memos.

Post it on your walls.

Keep words of truth at close hand.

When the water level and temperature rises

in this bath of life, you will be equipped to pull

the plug and drain fear.

Empty the tub and let joy be the only residue.

2 thoughts on “draining fear

  1. Hi there Grace!

    So nice to see your name!
    I saw that you posted today…woo hoo!
    I will be praying for your path especially when it feels strange.
    That is no fun but I am sure you are doing the familiar…holding tight to Jesus.
    Thanks for your kindness my friend!


  2. Hi there friend!
    I have been enjoying your posts from afar. I remember you leaving a comment lately…somewhere…yes, I am alive and well. I’ve been on a strange path of late, but there is always something to learn.

    John 10:10 is a favorite favorite favorite of mine. Life to the full.

    Keep up the good posts! 🙂


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