As I drove Caleb home from school yesterday,

we chatted about the day’s happenings.

The fact that all recesses were

indoors due to the weather.

A two recess day is cause for celebration in the life of an 8-year old.

We drove down our street and I mentioned that The  David Crowder Band’s

final  cd had arrived in the mail.

Turning into our driveway, I didn’t need to turn my head to know

that Caleb threw his head back in his seat as he bellowed,


I set the parking brake and said,

“I know.”

“But why?” and

“What are they going to do?”

he wondered out loud as we ran to the porch to avoid the

pelting of slush from above.

Before I could give any suggestion, Caleb’s despair turned

to a calm resolve.

“I guess they will live life with their families.”

Once more before I could venture a response, he added,

“But I don’t think they will make a lot of money!”

I smile at  the second statement.

I thought about the first declaration often last night.

I remember last week, the kids and I arranging blocks to proclaim

our existence within these walls.

I watch as Caleb left his homework to press the volume UP button

on the kitchen cd player.

I sigh with joy as  big flakes find a home on our lawn.

When I asked Carl to take a walk in the snow instead

of turning back the covers and setting alarms.

Our footprints and happy paw prints invade  the quiet winter storm.

Hearing night sounds as I read just one more

page before the stroke of midnight.

Gazing out the window at the street light illuminating

the snow as  if tossed from heaven.

I witness merriment as a  snow man is formed and

spheres of frozen tundra are lobbed with mischievous  glee.

I found an easy yes to hot chocolate and a fire for a boy with

rosy cheeks.

And a second serving of whipped cream despite the absence

of a level change of hot liquid.

I think living life is saying yes without reservation.

I think it is messy.

It’s about getting up early even when it is cold or you might miss the fun.

I think it is about dreams.

Dreams that remain and those that melt.

I think it is all about  second helpings.

It’s about do over’s.

It’s about embracing that disruptions  don’t have to create breakdowns.

A weather pattern may mean  a different route for

a new destination.

Decisions that make us ask why yet are necessary and good.

What will we miss if we don’t fully  live life.

Thank you David Crowder Band for  living your life with us by offering

great music.

Music that made a 3-year-old call your  Illuminate  album the

“la-de-dah” songs.

I am grateful that you get to live life with your families.

I will make sure that I live life fully with my family and loved ones .

I endeavor to keep pressing that volume button up!

Check out this post by Ann Voskamp  about how to build a house of prayer.

It’s all about shelter.

One of the best ways to live life with those you love.

4 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. Hi Karen,
    I wish that I had taken my camera on our walk.
    The trees were so lovely.
    I thought I would have more time this morning to capture
    them as well but bare branches!
    Hugs to you!


  2. Loved your post. Loved the snow last night at midnight–I didn’t want to go to bed. Only I wish I would have taken a photo…as the snow was gone (almost) this morning. Last night it was magical–like glistening powdered sugar.


  3. Perfect and true and convicting. I adore this post in so many ways! (and the photos too) Thank you, precious friend, for sharing God’s insights with us all. 🙂 I’m going to go get a second helping of dessert!


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