It is hard to believe that January is halfway moving towards


How are your pursuits treating you?

The evening after I wrote about morning fuel,

my pursuits became a bit challenging.

Maybe I am older or wiser,  I am the former definitely.

I didn’t get  hot and bothered.

I simply lived life even with its setbacks.

I know many have the pursuit of consistent Bible reading

or reading through the Bible this year.

You may already be “behind”.

I want to encourage you to remember that God’s mercies

are new every morning.

Mercy…His overarching magnificent work that He has poured over our lives.

Mercies…the plurality of each time we are allowed to start anew.

There is one that wants to stop the tracks of those who trudge along with a clucking

tongue of judgment.

Cover your ears and begin again.

A fresh day.

New mercies.

New treasures to uncover.

I  read this encouraging article by Noel Piper.

A reminder that struggle is common.

I am grateful  for her honesty.

Read how her yearly pursuit became a reality.

A chart  to  keep track of  the gems you have mined.

This plan has a name that will make you smile.

An explanation about the plan with the smile-worthy name.

One more pursuit  for good measure.

May all your pursuit of Him be  anything but halfway.

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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