who knew?

who knew?


Today is National Delurking Day in the blog world.

Who knew?

It sounds a bit ominous and like a chore doesn’t it?

It is meant to be fun!

What this means is that it is the perfect day to say hello if you

have never left a comment.

There is not one shred of judgment attached to not leaving comments.

Not one bit.

I would love to know you even if just in cyberspace.

I will be doing the same.

I lurk in the shadows on a few blogs and I need to comment as well.

Even if you leave comments regularly, please say hello.

I feel a bit out of the posting mode as I get over this cold.

Help me ease back into the routine.

Say hello


tell me what you are reading


what you are listening to


your favorite coffee or tea


favorite movie or one you saw recently


what the weather is like where you sit


simply say hi!

Hello to you all…

Right now I am reading this book.

I have been listening to this cd

as I wait for this cd to arrive.

Patience…patience…patience, I repeat quietly.

I have been drinking vast quantities

of Earl and Lady Grey teas.

The last movie I saw was Tintin and

it was a fun and wild ride.

It’s raining here in Portland, Oregon

and supposedly snow is in the forecast,

which in these parts means lots of news

coverage and the masses scurrying to

stores to prepare for the inch of fluff that

might visit.

I am teasing with a tab bit of seriousness.

But anyway…


16 thoughts on “who knew?

  1. I am loving the second season of Downton Abby! I tape it
    and then I can watch it all by myself without any commentary
    from the peanut gallery…they know who they are!
    They have pitiful English accents 🙂
    You will really like the book! It is a page turner.
    I probably have a 100 pages left. My copy is from the
    library…if yours doesn’t arrive by Sunday…let me know
    and I will bring it to church and you can return it.


  2. Oh, how are you enjoying Downton Abby? I love it! I also requested the book you mentioned you were reading a post or two ago from the library, looking forward to reading it.


  3. Michelle,
    Let me know what you think of that plan.
    It seems to imply freedom.
    Sometimes I get so bogged down by reading the required
    number of chapters that I don’t read it with devotion but
    as duty.
    I will keep the links coming!
    Thanks Michelle!


  4. I like the shirker and slacker plan! I think I might give it a try….I do hate to get “behind” on anything. Thanks for all the fun stuff you include in your blog 🙂


  5. Thanks Lisa,
    I have an appointment this afternoon to check out my
    Hello to you dear friend…you are welcome to lurk
    Much love and hugs!


  6. Just lurking by and wanted to say a quick hello and prayer that you get fully recovered from your cold very soon. ~Lisa


  7. Hi Jane,
    I have been trying to drink hot water and lemon.
    Sometimes the “old ways” are the best!
    I will pray for the surprise of stillness for you and
    that God would multiply the brief moments so that they
    would feel like hours.
    Jane: plain with a touch of calamity…sounds like a perfect
    blog name if I ever heard one.
    Life is busy and there is never time to write but if you
    are feeling the nudge…listen to it and let it propel
    Let me know if you take the blog plunge…I would visit!


  8. Hey, Helen. I second Kim… working lots, working at home lots, trying to find balance in Jesus. These days I’m in more in love with quietness than music, stillness than activities, listening than reading… and, get this, hot water more than coffee or tea! That’s right, plain hot water (the favorite choice of my 85 year old father-in-law that’s living with us). I look forward to reading your blogs, as I’m being egged on to find my own writing niche. Right now this is Jane: plain with a touch of calamity.


  9. Working lots, training lots, doing 6 interviews of teachers in one day, computer crashing, oh I would love the quietness of snow , hot tea and new books I got for christmas. I have been “lurking” lately

    Hi Kim,
    Seems like your work hat is the size of a sombrero these days.
    We can still hope for more snow than this little flurries here
    and there. What are you hoping to read?
    You can lurk…but glad you said hi.
    Miss seeing you!


  10. YUM Barb! It is always a treat to get bagels out!
    I think we have the same viewing over here as well and if we lived
    closer, we might have bumped into each other at the store. I was doing
    the same as you…it was not stockpiling it was Old Mother Hubbard time.


  11. I am hoping for a little snow as well!
    I went to Starbucks the other day for a soy tea latte and it was $ 4.25…I know the soy milk is extra but
    that is a lot of cash. I am definitely brewing my own coffee and tea drinks.
    Thanks for reading Randi!


  12. Hi, Helen! I went to a new place today, Jazzy Bagels, in Gresham and enjoyed a breakfast bagel and a hazelnut latte while preparing my Sunday School lesson. I even read a little bit of a book that I should’ve finished by now. The place smelled heavenly. 🙂 Getting ready to listen to the Blazers game & catch the Broncos game…will have to flip between them since they’re on at the same time. And I am one of those that went to the grocery store today…though not because of the snow…more out of necessity.


  13. Hi Helen, love reading your blog as always. I am hoping for LOTS of snow. Yes, I know that is not forecasted, but I can dream. Love to drink coffee, but am trying to stay away from Starbucks and just do the home brew. This last year I discovered that I am quite fond of soy chia lattes, so I will occasionally splurge at Starbucks for one of those:-).

    Thanks for the encouragement in your posts.


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