tea anyone?

tea anyone?

One side effect of being Caleb’s mom is

the inability to cease from hugging him.

Another side effect of snuggling with Caleb is that

I have gotten his cold.

I am drinking a lot of tea.

I have been a bit grumpy.

Maybe more than a bit.

It seems like time to take up Ann on her dare.

These are two pieces of joy that were added to my

life yesterday and today helping to trump this grump!

  • Mail from a friend…a sacrifice of time when one has not an ounce extra is a gift in the highest.
  • Enjoying season one of Downton Abbey.  Season Two begins on Sunday on PBS.

Both are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Earl Grey.

What is bringing you joy today?

Care for a spot  o’ joy?

Watch all episodes of Downton Abbey here.

4 thoughts on “tea anyone?

  1. Michelle!
    Did you watch the new season?
    I had to tape it but watched it this morning…just me, Downton Abbey, some tea and lots of kleenex.
    So very good!


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