Hanging out with Caleb today.

Yes, he is sick again.

Poor  little guy.

We discovered yesterday that he may have had scarlet fever

as a result of his strep throat following stomach flu, he developed

crazy peeling hands that alerted us.

Thankfully the treatment is the same for the strep and the

scarlet fever.

It feels a bit weird saying scarlet fever, kind of like we are living

life on Little House on the Prairie.

Please pray for my little guy that his body will get stronger and not

so susceptible to the bugs flying around.

So while I am home…I am watching and listening to the live streams

from Passion 2012.

I am impressed with the quality of the feeds.

I am too late to see Session One but just watched Session Two with

Beth Moore and Session Five…WOW!

Here’s the link.

Enjoy and be blessed!

My friend Lisa just purchased the e-book I talked about yesterday.

It is currently a dollar off with the code HAPPYNEWYEAR.

The offer is good through Saturday the 6th.

4 bucks people!

Go here for details.

Here’s an easy way to daily journal.

Fun little challenge for shutter bugs or aspiring ones.

Blog that I starting  reading just prior to beginning the 31 day challenge.

Scary Hope free e-book here.

This ends the tidbit portion of the day!

3 thoughts on “tidbits

  1. Sorry Caleb has had a rough time…hope he feels better FAST! Zach used to get strep throat all the time, even after his tonsils were taken out! Thank you for all those fun tidbits! I love the calendar and the photo a day ideas.


  2. Oh my I was just thinking about tonsils the other day.
    Hopefully that won’t be in his future.
    Let me know if you do the calendar or take the photo challenge!


  3. Hi there, I came over her from Ann’s post on shine!!
    Trust you are shining for Jesus and loving Caleb lots but not catching his cold!
    I had one of my children’s tonsils out, but would NEVER do that again. Give your chid vitamin C in chewables or natural foods.

    Hi Hazel,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog.
    I loved Ann’s Shine post!
    Thank you for your thoughts about Caleb.
    We are definitely trying to bolster his system.
    He made a full week of school and hope this will be the end of the litany of sickness.
    I had fun looking at your blog as well and hope my comment showed up eventually.


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