morning fuel

morning fuel

With the two weeks of Christmas break and the month before dealing

with Caleb’s off and on again sickness, I have gotten a bit out of a normal

morning routine.

The new year seems like the perfect time to get back to business.

It is a great time to peel off what isn’t working and add what is vital.

I have been reading this great  e-book which is also available as a pdf.

It may be the best 5 bucks I spend all year.

It is a year’s worth of mini-projects to help simplify your life.

Many of the projects are not new to me but it is nice to have a compiled list to give me direction.

Currently I am working on my morning routine.

We all have one even if it is jumping out bed, talking back to the alarm,

throwing on some clothes and speed eating a piece of toast at a stop light.

Last night, I wrote down several areas that I wanted to include in my morning.

I decided what time I wanted to set the alarm and how much time  before I needed

to get Caleb to school.

My morning went very well, I am pleased to report.

The key was that I started  preparing last night.

It meant making a lunch, prepping for breakfast, boiling hot water (I will explain) and a couple other tasks

that made this morning run smoothly.

These were the items for my morning routine:

  • drink hot water with lemon
  • devotions
  • get dressed in work out clothes
  • breakfast/vitamins
  • exercise
  • pray with Caleb

For years, I have struggled with getting in exercise AND devotional time in the morning.

Years ago, I have to admit that exercise took precedence.

Devotional time found itself somewhere else in my day or night.

I was lean of body but I know that I was lean in spirit as well.

The last many years have found me stronger in spirit (I hope) but

anything but lean in body.

As I look at these six little items, I see that they are all necessary fuel for my


My morning fuel will be their collective name.

The hot beverage as I have some liver issues and this is a natural

way to detox.

I hope this “elixir”  and other changes will cause

my blood levels to  be normal a year from now.

( I boiled water and poured it into a small thermos, set next to a mug and a lemon.)

All I had to do was pour and squeeze and drink…ahhh!

Devotions as I need fuel spiritually, emotionally and mentally to enter the fray of the day.

Breakfast does a body good and helps to fuel my family for their days.

Prayer with Caleb is short and sweet, just like him, but it sends him out the door feeling

covered and less rushed.

Exercise fuels my body, my soul and clears my head and gives me extra time to pray.

I dropped Caleb at school and then took my walk before I drove home.

I know that for my morning fuel to become a reality, I will have to start the night before.

It may mean going to bed at a reasonable time.

It might have to  skip a television show.

It will take a bit of forethought and planning.

I found this quote on Pinterest

a few months ago:

A year from now I hope for normal blood work.

I hope for a more active lifestyle.

I hope that I have remained fixed.

What is the fuel that you need to start today, so a year from now,

you can rejoice because you took the biggest step…starting?

Is it…

reading the Bible?


developing your prayer life?

getting rid of the clutter?

drinking more water?

drinking less coffee?

getting more sleep?

inviting friends over for a meal more often?

eating more fruits and vegetables?

taking a character inventory and working on just one area?

listening more?

rekindling a friendship?

planning more fun?

regular dates with your husband? your kids?

How are you desiring to fuel your year?

On the sidebar, I have placed my chosen word for the year… “fixed”.

I also have one of my favorite snapshots from the past year.

I wrote about the little blue scooter here.

I am praying that I will be like that little scooter this year,

prepared and with a fixed course.

I pray the same for you!

2 thoughts on “morning fuel

  1. Happy New Year, Helen!

    I just ordered the book that you mentioned in this post. I received a $1.00 off by using a discount code: HAPPYNEWYEAR (offered on the (in)courage website. So the book was only $4.00! I thought maybe you could pass the word.


  2. Thanks Lisa,
    Did you see you made today’s post!
    I hope you have fun reading the book.
    Let me know what parts you start on…it would be fun to discuss our tiny bites together!


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