everyday light

everyday light

In the midst of all the decorations

that declare Christmas, lay these

action figures.

Caleb calls them his “guys”.

I sat on one last night no fewer than

three separate times.

The third time I was not thrilled as

I started searching the space between cushion

and frame to rid myself of any further culprits.

Do these hard and sharp pieces of plastic belong amongst

the twinkling lights that fill this home?

What about another scene depicted in plastic?

Caleb has created the huddled mass gazing

upon the Babe.

Last year, I believe  there was a bit of a battle among

members of this group.

This year, Caleb has used the camel’s rope to help

the angel fly.

Do you notice the lowered gift for Jesus as well?

Jesus came for this boy who loves superheroes and is prone

to not put his things away.

He came for this mom who prefers not to be  poked by mislaid

sharp objects yet deep down  knows,

Jesus is not a  Savior for the tidy.

He came to invade our lives.

He welcomes the mess.

He came not for just December 25th but for

each and every day that surrounds the day we celebrate.

Worship Him while the fir needles drop at your feet.

Lift your voice in thanksgiving as you fold clothes while candles dance.

Pause and feel His grace that cannot be held back,

despite our hurried pace and endless lists.

Jesus in the flesh,

choosing to enter the harshness of our world,

the messes, the dusty corners and  sharp jabs.

Jesus with us each and


Jesus the Light.

Welcome the Light,

not as one who wants to expose

your junk drawers but instead

wants to bring freedom from the

mountains of “to do’s” and “should’s”.

All the pieces we add to the Christmas story,

that don’t belong and inhibit the Prince

from bringing us sweet peace.

As He tenderly spoke to the disciples,

He whispers to us.

"While you have the Light, believe in the Light
have faith in it,
hold to it,
rely on it,
that you may become sons of the Light and
be filled with Light." **

Let the Light clear your path and

lighten your load.

Unburden yourself from the weight you were

never intended to lift.


our everyday Light!

**John 12: 36

4 thoughts on “everyday light

  1. Thank you for the reminder Helen, that I don’t have to have it all pretty and perfect but Jesus really wants my heart focused simply on Him. So trying to do that this year!


  2. Oh Helen, how I LOVE this! And it arrived at a timely moment for me. Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder of the season of Hope and Peace.


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