middle longings

middle longings

As Caleb  dealt with different “bugs,

time snuggled under blankets was plentiful.

Caleb, an often snoozing dog and me watching

inordinate amounts of television and movies.

There were a few Hallmark Christmas movies as well.

The interesting part is that no matter the premise, each movie ends

the same way.

I suppose that is the point.

Every plot point needs to be resolved.

The missing dog is found.

The disenchanted couple finds love again.

A person sees the future and changes their present ways.

We all know the ending.

In fact, we long and wait for that happy ending.

If the ending includes pieces of redemption, it

makes those two hours worthy.

One such movie was  A Christmas Carol refurbished.

The closing quote caught my attention:

Life can only be understood backwards.
Unfortunately, it must be lived forward."

We often want to fast forward life to see how

each facet resolves.

Perhaps at different junctures, we want our days

to slow to a crawl.

As believers we know the ending.

We know the beginning as well.

It’s the living in the middle that can prove

to be a challenge.

The middle can be filled with grief and longings.

We believe that God will work it all out…somehow,

but we look at the premise and it seems daunting.

No truer words than Solomon’s:

"He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end."
Ecclesiastes 3: 11

In the beginning was God.

In the end is God.

In the middle is still God with us.

God can and will make EVERYTHING of this middle


We may not understand it completely.

We may be blinded in this middle place.

What  stretches from beginning

to end and intersect the middle is a

redemption so vast that we cannot fathom

the preciseness of his aim.

Longings reside within us because

our hearts were carved by and for eternity.

Yet the end for us is truly another beginning.

In this glorious season, our minds ponder on Mary,

heavy laden with eternity within began

traveling a lengthy dusty road that would seal our redemption.

A circular trail of beginnings and endings

etching towards eternity.

May these middle days find you more deeply believing

that your story will have the beautiful eternity ending

that He has promised.

May you give Him all the longings for your eternal home…

hear Him call your name…

pitch His tent over you…


God with you…

here in the middle.

6 thoughts on “middle longings

  1. Such a blessing to know that in the end cousin Ollie
    is with the Lord…and now just the beginning of their eternal
    communion…so good to know!


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