I feel blessed to have so many memories from my childhood

surrounding Christmas.

I can close my eyes and remember that music echoed through our

home at all times of the year.

My mom, a crystal clear soprano and pianist and my dad

with an equally clear whistle.

All types of music papered the walls of our home.

One Christmas, my parents played this exquisite

recording of  solo piano that became a part of my soul.

I loved its beauty and the peace that it evoked.

Among the hustle and bustle, the hurry and scurry,

I seek peace in the walls of my home today.

This evening, Carl and I were out doing errands and 

I asked a store clerk if he happened to have an old cd.

I gave him the name and as quickly as I said it, he

tilted his head back and said with great joy,

“That is my all-time favorite Christmas CD!”

He thought he had two left but there was actually

just one.

One shard of nostalgia waiting to be taken home to spread

peace over and through our walls.

As we were leaving, I thanked the man and said,

“Now Christmas can begin!”


I  listened to this  as I prepared dinner tonight

and in the midst of the mundane, it beckoned

peace and opened up a  sacred space set apart

just for Him.


Here’s to December!


(the 20th Anniversary Edition has 2 bonus recordings for a total of 14 tracks!)


What music or tradition sets the tone for you?


Oh I know it is December now…it’s snowing on the blog again!

4 thoughts on “december

  1. We have some george winston but I don’t think we have this one. Might have to take a listen.mariah carey ” All I want for Christmas is you”


  2. Just pulled this out of the cupboard and have it playing right now. It also is a favorite of mine but not been played for a long time. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty of his music and the rest to my soul the piano brings.


  3. Jill,
    I am so glad you had it on hand.
    It’s always fun to take out an old favorite that
    has been neglected or forgotten and receive
    the gift all over again.
    Happy listening!


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