friday favorites

friday favorites

It has been quite awhile since I have a posted a list of favorites.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. That leaf in the photo.

I saw this vibrant leaf clinging to our suddenly bare tree 

after two days of off and on rain and wind.

Despite its companions, it is hanging on.

Whatever the weather in our lives from day-to-day, we can

choose to remain anchored  and stand out against a stark and tangle


2.  This tea

I love this tea!

It is the quickest way to have the taste of hot apple cider BUT 

without all the sugar and concocting.

Perfect on these increasingly cold days and nights.

3. This smile

Yes this is an extreme close-up of all the comings

and goings in our Caleb’s mouth.

I love his smile and his laugh so it is even more fun

to look at his mouth as it changes seemingly each day.

4.  This candle’s scent

It smells wonderful.

I have  a very small jar.

Yankee candles can be a bit pricey although they burn


Click  here for a great coupon for your smelling pleasure.

5.  This camera

This camera because it is my camera.

It is just a nice little digital camera.

It has become a favorite because it has been allowing me

to document our life.

This time of year, I start the process of putting together our

annual photo calendar and it is fun to see the year pass before

my eyes in picture.

I will admit that I am years behind in keeping my photos in order.

But at least once a year, I get a peek at the year that we have lived.

I try to keep my camera with me because I never know when a great

photo occasion will strike.

We have a lot of crazy yummy pictures of the food we order when we eat out

or even the beverages.

The pictures may not mean anything to anyone  but us.

That’s okay.

Life is all about shared moments.

Take your camera with you and just click away.

The more you do, the more it becomes a habit.

6.  This movie

We went to see this movie during the summer.

We laughed so much.

We laughed until we cried.

Oh how I love Winnie the Pooh.

Not every movie needs to be in 3-D.

I am hoping that we will watch it again over the

Thanksgiving week.

7. This help for the scarf challenged.

I love scarves.

You might wear them with ease as if

you just tossed the fabric in the air

and it lands  properly tossled but

not me.

Help has come to the rescue!

Click here.

What are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. LISA!
    I am so glad you mentioned that because there was one thing I knew I forgot and that
    was it!

    Glad you and Darren had a little “drinking” date! Carlen, Courtney and Caleb brought home a foursome of beverages this afternoon…to celebrate Friday and Court’s homecoming. Kids peppermint hot chocolate for Caleb…

    Happy Fall!


  2. EGGNOG LATTES…Christmas in a cup! Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed the Starbucks’ buy one-get one free after 2:00pm special. The special continues for a few more days, go grab a friend (or husband) and go for a coffee date. Enjoy!


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