{day thirty}

{day thirty}

Recipe for a restful Sunday:

Morning fueling

The best part of the Sunday paper

Sharing the journey together

Time with volumes that have become old friends

The pull of fuzzy socks in crimson and grey

The potential of a new favorite

A soft place to land

Flickering light and the scent of pumpkin spice

More of that laundry I don’t mind so much

A vivid reminder of God’s intricate detail of creation

Last week, I stepped out of my car and was just about to step over the curb 
onto the grass strip when I noticed the above dragonfly.
It was head first sticking straight up.
It was completely intact.
I suppose that it died in mid-air.

You might think this is weird, but I have an affinity for dragonflies.
Look at the wings, how beautiful the Lord made this insect.
There was care and creativity in every part.
How humbled am I to know that the God that would take the time
and effort to craft a dragonfly with wings that are like cellophane,
can easily take care of every single detail of my life...even the parts
that are paper thin and fragile.
To God be the glory...forever!

What ingredients made up the recipe of your Sunday?

Tomorrow  brings 31 days of encouragement to a close.

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