{day twenty-seven}

{day twenty-seven}

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.

Use them well to serve one another.

I Peter 4: 10 (NLT)

Caleb memorized this verse last week for church.

I got the chance to help him which means I memorized it as well.

We had great fun with the verse.

Especially trying to help him say “variety”.

I guess we don’t use that word often and missing

teeth seemed to make it a tongue twister.

We talked about how this verse is like God reaching into

a huge box of gifts and  giving each one of us at least


Each gift will look different in each person’s life.

How I love that picture.

There was a time in my life when I looked at others

and fell in love with their gifts.

Now I look at the giftedness of others and fall more

in love with the giver of those gifts.

If we fully realized the gifts that we have been given

and used them as designed, it would be a vision to


One or many would be served.

God would be glorified.

There is no one else that has your gift.

No one can display your gift the way you can.

The world is better when our gifts are unwrapped

and shared.

God has outstretched his arms to hand you a gift,

will you accept it and use it fully?

If you have accepted the gift, how can you serve

others this week by exposing it?

2 thoughts on “{day twenty-seven}

  1. Hi Karen!
    I didn’t set up the crayons…I found an image online.
    But had I done it, I would have made the heart upright…but rotating the
    picture looked funny.
    I might have to bust out a big box of crayons and have some fun!


  2. Love the crayons! Did you set that up??? Love imagining Caleb saying “variety” with missing teeth!!


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