{day twenty-four}

{day twenty-four}

Weekend Encouragement:

A beautiful autumn drive to retrieve Courtney.

An equally beautiful autumn drive back to Portland
but with much more talking.

The reunion of all five of us plus some tail wagging happiness.

The laughter of sisters.

The content smile of a little brother.

The knowing glances between parents.

Extra laundry makes me smile…it’s a daily

Pumpkin patches and a bit of carving.

Elephant ears, cider, corn dogs and even a gyros. 

A soccer game without any subs…six tired boys.

A surprise visit from friends to add to the cheering section.

Blessed to have a table full of food for a hungry group.

Wonderful worship.

Filled up once again.

All the last-minute tidbits to share.

No one wants to look at the clock.

Another beautiful autumn drive.

A weekend that encouraged my soul.

What encouraged you this weekend?

One thought on “{day twenty-four}

  1. A weekend of singing about God’s eternal light. I sing in a community choir and our first concert featured music about light; the light in our hearts, the light that God surrounds us with. There is something so reassuring about ensemble singing the encourages you to believe that we can come together in our faith and make this world God gave us a better place. Listen to Keith Hampton’s “True Light.” “Everywhere I go I want the world to know, God gave the world true light.”


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