{day twenty-four} bonus

{day twenty-four} bonus

On {day twenty-one}, I posted about planning.

I mentioned how it might be a great idea to plan ahead

for the new year as far as spiritual goals.

Carl and I chatted about that post (I know, isn’t it nice

that he reads my blog…swoon).

Anyway, he said that he agreed with me and

that he liked how I said we don’t have to wait, we can start now.

Well, I didn’t really write that part (I wish I had) but I love his thinking.

With that thought in mind, I wanted to encourage you, in the

same way Carl encouraged me, that you don’t have to wait until

the stroke of midnight of a new year to implement a new course

of action.

I have been meaning to write a review of a new devotional I received

months ago.

The publishers of the Life Application Study Bible present a year of digging deeper into the life of Jesus.

Every week focuses on a different event in Jesus’ ministry.

There is a reading for each weekday and one reading for the weekend.

Each reading consists of:

READING THE WORD:  The day’s selection from the Gospels

SETTING THE SCENE:  A reflection of the passage and highlighting points of significance

GETTING PERSONAL:  Brief notes and questions to make each lesson personal

TALKING TO GOD:  Suggestions for shaping extended time of conversation with God each day

I really like this devotional.

I like that it is meaty.

If you do not own a study Bible with extra notes, this devotional would be a great tool.

The devotional contains wonderful  history and background information.

There are also questions that will allow time for reflection.

I think it is easy to read a devotional and let the book do all the thinking.

This devotional provides a focused look at Jesus but it also invites participation.

I anticipate that one might want to open their journals and write their thoughts

and prayers and ultimately thanksgiving as the life of Jesus is unfolded week by


Need more convincing?

Read the first chapter here.

Thinking about delving more into the life of our Savior?

This devotional might just be a great way to start digging.

Tyndale House Publishers were gracious enough to send me a complimentary
copy of the above book with the understanding that I would give my honest
Thank you Tyndale House Publishers!

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