{day twenty-two}

{day twenty-two}

A few days ago, I wrote about  walls.

I know that many of you are encountering walls of your own.

Walls can lead to discouragement.

Walls distract  focus.

Walls can feel insurmountable.

What if I encouraged you to:

Be brave.

Be strong.

Don’t give up.

Expect GOD to get here soon.

Would you believe me?

These are words I borrowed from David.

The last verse of Psalm 31 as written

in The Message.

Psalm 31  reveals how David dealt with

a trial or a wall.

I am not a Bible scholar.

When I study a scripture and it catches my attention,

I read and re-read the passage.

Then I read it in many translations.

When encountering a wall, use

the Word

as your first line of defense.
David’s first words are:

In You, O LORD, I put my trust.

David knew that he could trust God.

God has a counterattack for every wall.

Here’s a list of what he knew to be true about God.
He would never let David be put to shame.
He would deliver David in His righteousness.
He came close and listened to David.
He would deliver David speedily.
He was David's rock of refuge.
He was a fortress of defense to save David.
He would lead David.
He would guide David.
He would pull David out of the net set by others.
He would strengthen David.
He would redeem David.
He knew David's anguish/affliction/adversity.
He hadn't let David be completely handed over to the enemy.
He set David's feet in a wide place.

Replace David’s name with your own and read the list again, 

changing each line to present tense.

When encountering a wall,


This psalm shows  that in the midst of
firmly trusting,
focus can quickly become obscured.

David remembers what he is experiencing.

For five verses, he lets his eyes land on the wall.

David shuts out the wall and aligns his vision

on God which reaffirms his trust in God.

“But as for me, I trust in You,


I say, “You are my God.

My times are in Your hand;” 

Be honest with God about your trial,
but quickly remind yourself of who
you trust.

When encountering a wall,


Psalm 31 concludes with David’s expression

of praise for God’s deliverance and care.

“Oh how great is Your goodness,

Which You have laid up for those who fear You,

Which You have prepared for those who trust

in You

in the presence of the sons of men!” 

When encountering a wall,




Walls have a way of  feeling so high and wide that they 

block any prospect of escape.

David reminds us that we can trust God to 

deal with our walls and help us even when they remain.

We can expect it.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Don’t give up.

Expect GOD to get here soon.

2 thoughts on “{day twenty-two}

  1. Resonating with me is God telling me my times are in His hands, not only the specific circumstances I am living in but also this is God’s perfect time for where He has me in this season in my life. Thank you for these words today!


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