{day twenty-one}

{day twenty-one}

October has less than two weeks remaining.

Autumn is in full force.

The days will flow into Thanksgiving,

Christmas and point to the new year.

It is never too early to think of ways

to recharge the next year.

What will you do to encourage your


What if you thought about it now

and had your direction mapped? 

A course of action that didn’t come at the 

tail end of a season  full in every way.

There is something about January 1st

that carries such promise and hope.

But often after the confetti has been swept,

all those lofty goals seem out of reach.

Goals made due to a deadline sometimes

are easily cast aside.

  • Choose a new devotional. 
  • Read through the Bible. 
  • Click here to pick a new reading plan. 
  • Read a different Bible translation. 
  • Set a memorization goal. 
  • Become an "expert" on a book of the Bible. 
  • Begin a prayer journal. 
  • Keep a blessings list. 
  • Find a prayer partner. 
  • Join a Bible study. 
  • Study one name of God each week. 
  • Pray through the Psalms. 
  • Read a Psalm a day.
  • Work on an absent spiritual discipline. 
  • Establish a consistent devotional time. 
  • Attend church regularly. 

Start thinking about ways that can
add freshness to your spiritual life as you
approach the new year.

You can always change your mind.

Pray and reflect and then pick something
that you will look forward to doing.

Our spiritual lives are not meant to be a drudgery
but a way to draw closer to God.

Ask a friend what they are doing, if you still feel stumped.

Often I have grabbed someone’s grand idea and was

all the better for it.

Share the wealth when your well

seems to be dry. 

I would love to hear any ideas you have.

Embrace and enjoy each day but do a little dreaming about

the new year too. 


Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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