{day nineteen}

{day nineteen}

I ran into a wall.

A wall that was about 5 foot four inches.

Just tall enough that I couldn’t see over it.

When did I realize that I was blocked by this invisible

yet real wall?

Exactly when I decided not to write a post about stink bugs.

You think I am kidding.

I. am. not.

So there stands the wall not willing to budge.

But I did learn that I am a die-hard

encourager as I glanced at a line written while

trying to face down that wall,

How sad for a stink bug to be called such an unpleasant

name when it is doing what it was created for?

Yes, I decided to spare you  more musings

about little creatures.

Where do we run when we hit a wall?

Who do  we turn to for  encouragement?

When perspective has vanished?

I was at a gathering yesterday and at one

point in our time together, the Word was presented.

The Word was read out loud.

The responses were varied.

Tears flowed.

Mouths opened wide.

Eyes fixed firmly on the one reading.

There were lots of “oohs” and “aahs”.

The Word of God is living and active.

This is the Word I took home with me:

Your words are what sustains me.

They bring me great joy and are

my heart’s delight, 

for I bear your name,

O LORD God Almighty.

Jeremiah 15: 16 

What words are helping you encounter a wall

in your life?

Leave me a comment.

Tell me what words are sustaining you

and keeping you company. 

Ask me a question, perhaps I will compile

a few answers to help scale the wall

during the last

of these  31 days.

4 thoughts on “{day nineteen}

  1. Oh how I love that scripture Jill!
    The Psalms are the best place to position yourself
    when the wall looms high and wide.
    Praying that some crumbling will happen soon!


  2. Up against this wall I am finding shelter and rest as I trust in God’s promises;
    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
    There are many days when I thank God for giving me the Psalms as I wait for the walls to crumble.


  3. Sweet Randi,
    I will continue praying for you.
    I don’t know when the wall will move or remove itself
    but I know that God is more than able to sustain, equip
    and comfort you.
    Much love dear one.


  4. Thank you once again. I’m at a WALL. It seems to be atleast 12 feet tall…impossible to see or get over.


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