{day seventeen}

{day seventeen}



I am not sure who the above quote can be attributed.

Have you ever felt like that?

I found myself feeling that way as I smoothed

the covers of our bed.

Once again.

Only to need to be remade overnight.

Or when I pack a lunch


plan the menus

or sweep up dog hair

or fold clothes


a multitude of other tasks

and activities that are

so daily.

As simple as clearing one’s desk only

to find it piled high the next day.

It doesn’t have to be a problem.

I am sure that there is someone in your

life that rejoices in the daily because

maybe their  daily is suddenly different.

It might even be you.

My mom just had shoulder surgery

and I know that tying her shoes

would be reason to celebrate.

The person who has received an

unwelcome diagnosis perhaps

views the daily with renewed reverence

and gratitude.

This is the day that the Lord

has made,

let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We can view the mundane

as a chore.

God tells us to look at these

daily routines as cause for


For the sole reason that He made the day.

Each day presents opportunities to serve.

A place for contentment to grow and

perspectives to change.

A quick push of the broom,

every speck of dust wiped away,

all the tasks that will beckon tomorrow,

can emerge as  a landscape of grace

and gratitude.

The blessing of life is that is so daily.

2 thoughts on “{day seventeen}

  1. I first read that quote in Chuck Swindoll’s devotional Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life. I have to say it resonates with me moreso now than it did when I first read it as a college student. 🙂 So true that most of us live in that “daily” realm, but we can go through it with a scowl on our face because we’re tired of it or with the grace of God knowing that He has planned our days.


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