{day fourteen}

{day fourteen}

Thank you for spending the last 14 days with me as I embarked

on this crazy 31 day challenge.

It has been crazy but it has also been a wonderful

stretch of trusting that there wouldn’t be blank


So far…there have been words.

They may have come very late at night,

before I fell asleep or in the early or not

so early morning.

I have no idea what the next 17 days will

reveal but I am excited to see.

I hope you will keep reading.

Thanks for the comments.

Bless you for sharing verses that filled you up

and even a haiku.

I am grateful for your presence and 

introducing yourselves.

This 31 days is a short stretch of road on 

my life journey.

It will be over soon. 

Although there are days that it seems quite


Our lives are filled with month-long curves along the trail.

What would you like to pack for your faith


Not actually items that would fit in a suitcase

or two but what do you need now as you

look at the terrain ahead.

For this very reason,
make every effort to add to your faith


 and to goodness,


 and to knowledge,


and to self-control,


 and to perseverance,


 and to godliness,

 mutual affection;
and to mutual affection,
For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure,

 they will keep you from being ineffective and
unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

II Peter 1: 5-8

Don’t  forget to pack what is essential for your faith journey.

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WARNING:  There is a YouTube video that somehow shows up at the bottom

of this post.  I do not see it on my page but on the page that readers view.

Please do not click on the video as it is a bit off-color.

I have since enabled the safety mode on my computer so hopefully

this won’t happen again.


2 thoughts on “{day fourteen}

  1. Hi Jill, I know I replied to your comment…but I don’t see it!
    Oh how I agree…trust with a capital “T”…praying and believing
    that He knows best and I can let Him control things…very hard to do.
    We all need to pack it…we just have to make sure we unpack it as well and not
    let it be that extra pair of shoes that we just had
    to pack but didn’t even have
    a moment to try on.


  2. Helen, thank you for your faithfulness to write each day and for your encouragement to me as I read your inspirational words. God’s suitcase is standing open on my floor and laying on top is Trust. He is telling me to follow hard after him and trust and then trust, and after I have done that, to Trust. God’s plan is perfect and always right and good and in that I can trust Him.


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