{day eight}

{day eight}

The word


is a big word to me.

I  want my life to say welcome.

After all, I can’t forget that

I have been welcomed with open arms by the Savior.

There was not one thing that discounted me.

Actually my life should be all about welcome.

Although many times I fail.

I don’t take action like I want.

Often I let perfection derail me.

A couple of weeks ago, a retired couple moved in

next door.

Their move came at such a busy stretch for our


In fact, they moved in the day before we celebrated

Caleb’s birthday with a sleepover.

Carl said…

Let’s go over and meet them!

I said…Oh not now, I don’t have anything to bring them

to welcome them.

It came up the next day and the day after that.

On that day after that we walked over, even though

we were tired from all those little boys celebrating,

we walked over,


We knocked.

We smiled!

We introduced.

We chatted and


We laughed.

Then it started to rain.

We continued the chatter.

When we were sufficiently soggy,

we scurried home.


isn’t always about

a plate of cookies or

a bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes it is just about saying

hello, smiling brightly and exchanging

names and a bit of information.

It’s about offering the gift of you.

Today at the grocery store, our new neighbors

crossed my mind.

I took that as a  prompt to do something

for them.

Not because I had to but because I wanted to show them

some neighborly cheer.

I don’t know them very well yet.

I don’t know what the like or what they can’t eat.

Then I remembered this card!

It’s such a happy card!

This is what I came up with at my tried and true

grocery store…

I grabbed some beautiful Honey Crisp Apples.

So gorgeous and on sale.

I found a wooden basket… how I love 50% off of clearance…joy!

I tossed in  a set of colorful wash cloths to enhance the apples’ color

and give ” how do you like dem apples”  a soft place to land.

Behold the welcome “wagon”

A basket to enjoy over a chilly fall weekend perhaps while

taking in a football game or two or three…

Maybe a semi-healthy treat when the grand kids visit.

Whether you welcome others with a hand swinging a basket

or with a hearty handshake only you can give,

the key is most definitely


6 thoughts on “{day eight}

  1. Hi Brandy,
    That is really true, our neighbors
    might be regulars at our cookouts
    but we can still reach out. Sometimes
    I find I can get trapped in the cycle of
    racing to and from the car and not
    interacting much at all.


  2. Hey Margaret,
    I feel like I get in my own way so often.
    I hope that I can remind myself that it doesn’t
    have to be so hard!


  3. Great idea and we should all do this more with our neighbors, regardless of whether they seem like they need or want it or not, and regardless of whether they may be someone you would be best buds with or not! I love the apple ideas and the basket etc are so cute@!@!@@ Love this


  4. Love it, I need to do more of this kind of thing. In the past week I have learned so much about generosity. Not doing something because you know it is the thing to do but lamenting having to do it, but doing something because you want to do it, with a cheerful heart. Doing it because you can, and not for self motives of how you will look to others. It does not have to be complicated or over thought either as you have shown here. :0)


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