{day six}

{day six}

Have you ever witnessed two children

fighting over a toy?

Four hands locked in a death grip for the object

of shared desire.

It’s hard to watch.

Intervening might create more of a tug-of-war,

hurt feelings and  heighten the struggle to

come away as the victor.

Hold onto that scenario, have you ever

witnessed the opposite interaction?

Two children sitting on the floor playing with toys.

From time to time, one child will show the other child

a special power his toy may possess.

Linger a little longer and you might see them trading

toys, all with ease and calm.

The lessons learned in kindergarten still remain true.

Learn to share.

It can be a difficult lesson for kids and adults.

Share your story.

Don’t withhold what you hold in your hands.

When we share with others, we create connections

and mutual encouragement.

Whose carpet do you want to hang out on?

The one filled with hair pulling or the one that

has open hands?

We can choose to live our lives possessing with

tightly fisted hands.

Or we can realize that all we hold was made

to be passed along.


a joke...even if you mess up the punch line*
a double batch of brownies for a weary one*
a favorite book* a tear jerker* a great quote*
a favorite verse* a struggle*
a habit that has vacated* a dream* 
a goal* 
what God is teaching you* 
a prayer need* 
your story* 

Share something this week,
you might be surprised that the sharing is like a boomerang. 

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There are over 700 bloggers that have taken the challenge.

I got over the fact that I couldn’t make a cute button and

linked up anyway…I am #729…woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “{day six}

  1. Okay….. so I’m coming out of the closet: I secretly follow your blog. I ‘stumbled’ across it from a recommendation of another, and I am here to tell you that I am ALWAYS encouraged, and challenged and blessed by it. (You hooked me with “One.”) So, I may silently read, and wordlessly reply, but I just wanted you to know. And I wanted YOU to be encouraged.


  2. Jane!
    You blessed me on this chilly gray morning where I wanted to stay under the warmth and
    safety of my comforter.
    Thank you for leaving me such an amazing and heartfelt comment.
    I treasure it beyond what words can properly convey.
    Thank you for reminding me that “one” is the correct aim.
    You were very much a boomerang of encouragement and blessing today.


  3. This is a great challenge and often more difficult to do than I expect. But I will take your challenge and look forward to sharing the results with you. Thanks for your encouragement!


  4. Truth be told, this is a challenge for me as well.
    I tend to be a listener and I find that often I haven’t shared
    much about myself or what I am walking through in life.
    I am going to work on it as well.
    These posts are as much a reminder for me as anyone else!


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