{day five}

{day five}

His secret purpose framed from the very beginning [is]
to bring us to our full glory.
I Corinthians 2: 7 (NEB)

I have had this verse written on an index card since

the first time that I read it. That little white card

has become a well-worn bookmark.

I know that I must have read it somewhere, as

the verse is not in a familiar translation.

But wherever I read it, I wrote it down.

I wanted to remember the verse.

I wanted it to mark my way and remind me.

When I am tempted to forget this great purpose of God’s 

to me, I just glance my eyes over those words

and I am reminded.

I am encouraged.

God’s Word so often reminds us of who He is and who

we are in Him.

One of the wonderful parts of the Holy Spirit is that it is He 

who reminds us.

We can be a


as well.

 A person who reminds is more than a cheerleader.



is someone who has taken the time to look into

a person’s life and sees with God enhanced eyes.

They have seen the past,the battles and the victories.

They can create laughter  reminding of a perceived 

worry that came to nada.

They know who you have been ,who you are and who you 

are meant to become.






are not apart of their vocabulary.


you can,

it is possible 

is a


common refrain.

A REMINDER won’t let you forget even when

you are tempted to feign amnesia.

Who are the 


in your life?

Who needs you to be their


2 thoughts on “{day five}

  1. Helen, you came to my mind instantly as one of my best reminders! Thank you for all that you are in my life and for all of the encouragement that you are passing on to us through your blog. You’re a blessing!


  2. Thank you, Helen, for being a REMINDER in my life. Your October posts have been a such blessing so far…keep them going!


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