{day three}

{day three}

It  could be expected that when I decided to embark on

a series of posts about encouragement that I might start to

feel a tad bit discouraged myself.

Carl and I did a bit of debriefing as we rode home from church

and a time of food and fellowship.

We found that our prayer list had lengthened.

Yet I would not have wanted to miss any of those stories.

Although this is not what I planned to write for Monday,

I decided to share something that I like to do on


By the end of most weeks, I feel like

my mind is filled with so many concerns.

People in need of prayer.

People in need of encouragement.

Mondays are pivotal to my week’s success.

Monday is the day that I usually plan meals and grocery shop,

do household chores that the weekend didn’t allow or I didn’t allow!

I generally try to get our life together for the week ahead.

It’s really a pipe dream but I try.

It is also a day that I like to spend extra time praying.

It is also the day that I set aside time to write a few notes

of encouragement.

I know that an email is easier and it is definitely more immediate

but I love snail mail.

Of course, I write notes on other days of the week, but I am less

likely to let the week push it aside.

What I have found over the years is how God prompts in so many

ways and His timing is impeccable.

If you develop this habit, you will find  the receiver

of the note will often declare that it came at just the right time.

That’s a precious gift to be used of God and all it took was a little

note card, a pen and a stamp.

The beauty in this small gesture is that during the process,

I never to fail to come away encouraged myself.

Encouragement is contagious.

I don’t believe that you need beautiful penmanship or perfect

prose or even the right verse or words  to send a note that will be


The essence of a note of encouragement is letting the recipient know

that you care,

you heard them

and you are praying for them.

I have a few boxes of saved letters, cards and notes received over the


Some are beautiful and creative and I love that!

I marvel at that!

I also have scraps of paper, scribbles on post-it notes and even a short

note written on a napkin after an instance where I spoke at church.

What each one has in common is encouragement and the priceless

commodity of taking time to convey a thought,

a sentiment, 

shards of hope,



Here’s what you need:

Note Cards

My suggestion…buy note cards that you love.

Ones that will make you smile when you look at them.

There have been times where I didn’t send a card because frankly I didn’t like what I had on hand.

Kind of lame, I know, but it derailed my intentions.  

Be prepared.

Unless you have the gift of card making like my friend Cheryl…be on the look-out for deals at unexpected places like grocery stores.


Fun stamps make for fun mailing!

Favorite writing weapon of choice

I am a basic girl but I have my favorites.

Uni-ball Vision Needle, Sharpie Ultra Fine Point and Paper:Mate Medium Point.

Whether it is a pencil, a pen or a crayon choose what fits your mood.

Monday Thought:
Apply a postage stamp to a few note cards and put them in a
place where they will be seen this week.
Trust that you will be prompted with someone who needs a lift.
Take a 10 minute break and write a card.
You might even get inspired and write another one.

Happy writing!

See you tomorrow for {day four}, even I don’t know

what that day has in store.

Glory Be…I am one-tenth of the way to 31!

Happy to read about the added smiles to the world.

Keep those grins coming! 

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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