{day two}

{day two}

Welcome to Day Two of 31 Days of Encouragement!

Today I wanted to start with a small way that you can be 

a secret agent of encouragement.

What if I told you that there was a nearly foolproof way 

to encourage someone?

Would you accept the challenge?

Even if the intended object is a stranger?

Why not give this little gesture a try?


You never know who could use a lift from seeing a friendly face.
Have you noticed or experienced how the world can be an 
unfriendly place?
Have you driven recently?
Have you waited in a line where it appeared to be
break time for all but one worker?


most people will either look bewildered or they will find themselves
unable to hold back a grin.


as you pass someone at a sliding door
at a tired cashier
at the bank teller even if your balance is less than stellar
at all those people who wear chronic scowls 
at the people who you normally avoid
at those people who share your address
because it just might change the course of someone's day

Who will you share your gorgeous grin with today?

Challenge:  Give at least one unsolicited smile EVERYDAY
this week.

Come back and leave me a comment if anyone tells you to
“knock it off!”

I promise I will alert the police designated for grumpy people.





Leave me a comment and tell me if you are 

a natural smiler 


is the only smile of your day located in a text message or 

email? 🙂

4 thoughts on “{day two}

  1. I think I smile quite a bit but I will smile more thanks for the encouragement.

    I believe you are the model of the easy smile…the world could and should learn from you!


  2. Natural smiler! I agree it is amazing how. You can change things with a smile! I. Really like these new postings, 31 days of encouragement.

    Thanks Kim!
    I am glad you are having a chance to pop onto the blog!
    Pray that I have enough material for another 28 days…we shall see what a grand idea this really was!


  3. when I am deep in thought or just going about my day I am NOT a natural smiler, in fact I am the opposite! So I must concentrate on smiling to strangers. I will take your challenge dear Helen. I have done this before and it always brings such great results. My mind is focused on so many things that I need to be better at focusing on my current surroundings. Thanks for the reminder!

    I feel the same way and all of a sudden, a potential smile receiver has passed me by and I was looking at my list or cell phone.
    I definitely have reminded myself as well!


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