{day one}

{day one}


to inspire with courage, spirit or hope
to attempt to persuade
to spur on
to give help or patronage
the giving of courage sufficient to overcome timidity or reluctance
lifting of dispiritedness or despondency by an infusion of fresh courage
instilling life, energy, courage or vigor into something
to fill with courage, strength or purpose  

to encourage suggests raising one’s confidence by an

external agency

Today you can be an agent of encouragement who can infuse

courage, hope and life into another.

I Thessalonians 5: 11 tells us…

Therefore, encourage one another

and build up each other,

as indeed you are doing.

Who can you encourage today? 

3 thoughts on “{day one}

  1. Thanks Grace! I hope you are feeling better from last I checked your blog!

    Hi Cher, I hope you like this series as you could write this yourself for sure!
    Just imagine the buttons you could make for poor technically challenged bloggers…a thing of beauty I tell you!
    A side business? Hmmm!


  2. What a great idea Helen! And you know how much I value the gift of encouragement. If I had the ability to help you make a great ‘button’, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Alas, I work with tangible ink and paper! No techno abilities here:)


  3. Love your thirty one days plan. Your blog posts already encouraged me, so I look forward to more of the same. Happy Saturday!


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