31 days

31 days



There is a challenge happening in the blog world.

Last year, a group of 8 bloggers  wrote a daily post for 31 days on

a particular topic.

This year, they are inviting other

blogs to participate.

I have waffled in making a decision.

I tried to make a cute button to link this blog to the

mother ship of blogs and I just don’t have the ability to

pretend to be adept at this whole technology thing.

With the hours winding down and October fast approaching,

I decided to  jump in and accept the challenge.

The next step was deciding what topic could beckon me to write

about it for 31 days straight.

For the month of October, A Work of Heart will be unleashing

31 Days of Encouragement.

The posts will be short and sweet.

At the end of the 31 days, I hope that would ignite

new ways to encourage others.

If you follow along with me, this is my question for you:


Who in your life needs encouragement?


Check back tomorrow for Day One.

Here’s the link to many more 31 Day Writers.

Did you click over and see all their cute buttons?

Heavy sigh!


See you tomorrow!


I made it with an hour to spare!




4 thoughts on “31 days

  1. Carl you are definitely right about that!

    Randi…thanks for the encouragement right back!
    Gosh, parenting requires daily doses of encouragement….we all need it!


  2. I’m looking forward to reading your daily encouragements. I could use some regarding parenting. Why wasn’t I told that this is the hardest job in world?! Lol. Yes, the job does come with great benifits 🙂


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