good girl recovery

good girl recovery

I mentioned in the post right below this one that I am reading

Grace for the Good Girl.

All I can say without having finished the last page is that it is ringing

my door bell.

Guess what?

I am at home behind that door.

It would be easy to draw the curtains and ignore the chime.

I am ready to lay down those good girl ways in exchange

for the goodness of God.

I am longing for a place of rest, peace and acceptance

that springs from no part of my performance or striving for


I don’t think I am alone and as I have read other reviews of this book,

many women don’t think the book applies to their lives until they begin to

read page after page.

Today I read a chapter on reputation.

Interesting timing as I had an imaginary battle this week with the thought

that my reputation or name had been tarnished.

This created a wave of anxiety.

Only to be completely unfounded.

I think of Jesus who thought nothing of his reputation.

He hung out with anyone willing and this made quite a few people


My name is important but His name that covers me is supreme.

Below you will find two short videos.

The first one is Emily P. Freeman describing her life and the book.

The second one is a montage of women or good girls.

Take a look and see if you relate.

Or maybe you saw a glimpse of yourself.

I know that I did.

The scenarios may vary but the core is the same.






One thought on “good girl recovery

  1. Hey Helen! How are you?

    It’s good to dig deep and examine the goodness of God.

    Hope all is well with you and your family 🙂



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