what’s on your nightstand?

what’s on your nightstand?

Caleb is home sick today.

Setting aside the best laid plans for

new ones that this day has presented.

Happiness ensued as the postman dropped

off a couple of books to add to my teetering

nightstand.  Thank you gift cards!

Here’s what I am reading:

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook:  Practices That Transform Us

grace for the good girl: letting go of the try-hard life

fresh-brewed life

coming up for air

Answering God:  The Psalms As Tools For Prayer

As a recovering good girl…I will be spending some time

between those pages today!

What are you reading?

What book would you choose of the ones I am reading?

Happy Friday and have a blessed weekend.

6 thoughts on “what’s on your nightstand?

  1. Hi Grace,
    Have you read this updated and revised edition?
    I read the book when it came out so that is quite awhile ago.
    I think now…it is touching me in new places and although I need to write a review
    on it…I am taking my time!


  2. I find that my night stand is always full because of just that…life is equally full. But I have learned that even 5 minutes of reading helps ease the life of busy!
    There is one book that I would love to read with you…do you know which one? But maybe when we are in rocking chairs…tee hee!


  3. My nightstand is currently empty and my schedule a bit full. I look forward to having some more books with time to read them soon. All of your books looked very good. When life is extra busy, I reach for fiction because there’s no room in my brain for any more necessary information. 🙂


  4. Hi Michelle,
    I have heard so many good things about Unbroken…one day!
    I feel the same about One Thousand Gifts…it is a lot to take in in one read through but I guess that is the definition of great book.
    I just loved Guernsey a couple summers ago…I just wanted it to be longer…loved it!
    I have The Forgotten Garden on my nook along with The Distant Hours…is that the title by the same author…I need to pick more fiction…I ‘ll let you know if I start it when I need a non-fiction break 🙂 Thanks for the thoughts about Caleb…he is on a steady diet of movies right now!


  5. Helen- All the books look really good! I read the descriptions…the one I would probably grab first would be “Fresh brewed life”, it sounds good right now. I just finished reading “Unbroken” an excellent book about a man who survived being a POW in WW2, recently read “Same kind of different as me” and loved it. Also enjoyed “One thousand gifts” (need to read again to fully absorb), loved “The guernsey literary and potato peel society” this summer. Currently reading “The forgotten garden”…not far into it yet. I do love to read though! Hope your little man feels better soon!


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