my little friend

my little friend

The last few times that I have worked on my flowers by our

bird bath, I have had a little visitor.

He is so cute.

Stripes down his head and  back and a long pointy beak.

He’s not very large perhaps as big as a plum tomato.

I know, what is it with this blog and tomatoes.

I sat on the deck and just watched him splash and carry

on in his private swimming pool.

I didn’t mind and he didn’t seem to mind my watching or

my dead heading.

I hope he doesn’t mind that I call him a “he”.

He could be a she…sorry if that is the case.

Well, the days are shorter now and they have also

grown hotter.

Friday found me a bit tired of hand watering so I set up the


When I was about to change the sprinkler to the last position,

my little friend caught my eye.

He was jumping from wooden stake to branches and singing.

He would jump branch to branch in his own private rain


He landed and he got soaked.

He became  a blur as he shook off  excess water.

I stood on the deck and snapped away.

I should have been doing laundry.

I could have been mopping the floor.

I could have been doing a dozen other things.

I decided to share some time with a little bird.

I stood in the silence that only contained the spray of water

and the sharp tones of his praise.

A little bird who enjoyed the fact that

because I was hot and tired too, he received a welcomed


When all was said and done  and I realized that the puddles

in the grass were now threatening to become ponds,

I went inside with drenched legs and arms.

Turns out, I needed those unexpected showers as well.

Hello my little friend!

2 thoughts on “my little friend

  1. “…turns out I needed those unexpected showers as well…” Yep….everytime you bless others, it always comes back to you. And you bless me. This was a fun way to start my Monday. Thank you, Helen!


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