random bits and pieces

random bits and pieces

Hello there!

I know that it has been awhile as I had to sign in to my blog

and click the “remember me” button for the future.

Well, my mind is still a bit of jumble from the past week

so I decided that I would not tax myself and attempt writing

anything lofty (ha…I am not sure there has been any such

loftiness in the 5 years of this blog) but I will just try to

empty out some of the contents of my seriously crammed brain


Thank you for all your prayers concerning taking Courtney to school.

We had a really fun time mixed with a tearful goodbye…mostly me.

Carl and I both left feeling so thankful that she is in a place that wants to know

her and become her family.

There is definitely power in this small college.

I will say that the house feels a bit different and sometimes this expression sums it up:

We are walking through this big change day by day and with a lot of prayer.

As I was approaching the big drop off and my birthday, I decided to buy

myself something as a little pick me up for the days ahead.

I don’t usually tout products that are a bit pricey.  A least pricey

in my way of thinking but I love this life planner.

First I will tell you that I purchased a deal from Plum District.  If you are

familiar with Groupon or Living Social, it is another site that offers great

deals.  With that in mind, I was able to purchase $50 for $25 at Erin Condren.

I went to the site and looked around and instantly felt happy.  I watched the

video and was sold.

I ordered my planner at the end of July and was anticipating a middle of

August arrival because it is personalized.  Somehow along the way, I missed

an email that said I would need to re-order as their computers had been hacked not

losing any personal information just all the orders.

Oh no!

I went onto the site to see that now orders would not be shipped until September.

I re-ordered and in the section that was for comments, I told my little sob story about

college and birthdays and all that jazz.  I didn’t really think that it could turn back the

hands of time but it felt better just to express myself.  Truly I wasn’t complaining, I

was just disappointed.

A day or so later, I received an email saying they would do their best.

A couple of days before we left for college land, another email came saying they were

sending it 2-day mail at their expense and happy birthday and best wishes with the college

drop off.

How sweet is that!

I received a text from Carlen saying that I had a package waiting for me.

When we got home, I was overjoyed to open up the box containing the planner but not

only that but an envelope of personalized stickers for my inconvenience.  Plus there

were more types of stickers/labels in the zipper pocket in the back of the planner.  Not to mention a coupon for

10% off, $10 off and $25 off.

I am a fan!

Watch the video and you may become a fan as well.

My planner has the cover with a quote from Henry David Thoreau.

I know, very pithy indeed.


Did you see me on the beach?


Oh the first flash of red among the green!

It is so nice to see an itty bitty harvest after months and months of watering.


What else is on my mind?

Practical things like this…have you used these?

dual action disinfecting wipes

I believe that I received a free sample attached to the regular

wipes that I buy.  Actually I am not tied to any one brand,

it is usually the one with the largest quality for the best

price that wins my loyalty until the next store run.

These wipes are two-sided. One side is smooth and the other is

rough and gritty.

I may be alone in this but my kitchen garbage can as well as the

recycling container we use gets kind of yucky.

It doesn’t help that for some reason we chose them in white.

I used the rough side on both and it was like they were brand new.

Worth a try!


Something else that comes in a cylinder shape but a lot more fun

and refreshing is this:

Just screams summertime to me!


I read this last Saturday and I just loved the translation of these verses:

They came upon me in the day of my calamity,

but the LORD was my stay.

He brought me out of a broad place,

he delivered me because he delighted in me.

II Samuel 22: 19, 20

The versions I  usually read says,

“the LORD was my support”.

Somehow the word “stay” feels different to me.

Using Blue Letter Bible, the word “stay” means

lean, stay, rely, rest and lieth.

A dictionary reveals that “stay” means a support or a


In nautical terms, a mast is made secure by the use of


Have you ever been knee-deep in a calamity?

One of your own making or perhaps at the hands of someone

else that has dragged you down to the depths?

Isn’t it a source of comfort that whatever may befall us,

God is our support.

He will prop us up when we feel like we can’t stand.

We can find rest in Him.

We can rely on Him.

He is our stay.

To think that furthermore (don’t use that word often…let

me clear my throat!),

He rescues us because he delights in us no matter how we

got into those waders.

(That’s not a typo…talking about those boots made

for waist-high waters.)

Some of you may feel that the water is rising to neck level.

He is your stay.

I am so glad that He is my stay and I am

definitely staying put!

I started this post on Tuesday but now

I think it will qualify for a Friday High Five.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Plan…Play…Putter…or stay put!

If you made it to the end of this random post of my

ramblings, congratulations and bless you!

I would love to share the fun and give someone

my $25 off at erin condren.

I have read the card over and over and there is no

minimum purchase required but the code is good for a one

time use.

Go to the website and take a look around.

Come back here and tell me what you would order.

Simple as that.

This giveaway is open to anyone!

I will draw a random comment on Saturday evening.

2 thoughts on “random bits and pieces

  1. Helen,

    I love reading your blog. I would buy a daily planner….trying to get myself organized. With 5 kids in
    4 different schools, many many appts, sports, boy scouts, church, and Bible study ect… it’s a wonder
    I manage to not forget (most) things.



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