Ah the word “season”.

It is such well-worn word.

We speak of the time of year and

also  of a certain patch of road that

we are traveling during a particular time.

I have at times grown weary of this word.

Perhaps because it is seems overused.

I include myself in that number  of  users.

I realized several years ago, when I was talking

about a season that I was occupying that I was

discouraged because it wasn’t a season that had a definite

ending  visible like colorful falling leaves  or the first

buds springing forth from the earth.

It was hard and it was equally long.

Nature gives me so much enjoyment and

often is one of my greatest teachers.

I have talked quite a bit on this blog about nasturtiums.

Once again, they provided me with a reason to pause and


I have nasturtiums all over our yard and I mean EVERYWHERE.

I have a basket that I showed earlier this summer that had

been attacked by caterpillars.  It did survive.

But this basket doesn’t look so great now.

The picture actually makes it look better than it actually is in reality especially on the other side.

Earlier in the summer this basket held huge deep green leaves and lot of flowers.

When I would stand on my picnic table bench to water it, you could hear the roots

taking up the water.

Now this basket is full of crispy brown leaves, yellow leaves, and various shades of green leaves.

There are blossoms and there are seeds as well.

It doesn’t seem to want much water anymore even after hot days.

I almost put the basket out to pasture one evening to let it sit on the potter’s

bench and just make seeds.

But then the next morning I saw a hummingbird having a blast with the blooms.

I walked around my yard that morning.

I saw this:

If you look right in the center of the photo, can

you see the bent and split stem?

If I had thought to take another image lower,

you would see a long expanse of stem with dozens

of flowers.  I suppose the weight caused the stem

to bend over and split.

I saw this too:

I have been collecting these as well:

I could go on and go about all the applications that I see in my life.

Do you see any in your own?

Let me toss out a few thoughts.

There is a cycle of life.

This side of heaven it includes life and death.

They are intermingled.

Most often we view death as bad and that is understandable.

Sometimes there has to be death for there to be life.

Some seasons are long and others are brief.

Some seasons if not examined may slip past us.

Often my experience has been that they seep into each other, somethings

remain and other parts leave or die.

We were made to grow, bear fruit and make seeds.

Even if the seasons that we find ourselves leaves

us broken and bent in two, there can be life…

there can be flowers and there can be seeds.

There will be seasons that take every bit of energy

to produce fruit.

There maybe lean seasons where we find it hard

to draw in our necessary nourishment.

But even in the leanest of times we can still

be a source of something good for another…

just think of that bee or that hummingbird.

Sometimes you just have to be who God created you

to be and you will bless others even as you are in hard places.

I think those are the most sacred times because we allow

ourselves to be a conduit for his purposes.

Perhaps those seeds are truly expressions of praise.

Those nasturtiums are preparing for the next season

while they are still in their current season.  I looked

at their change in appearance and mistakenly saw it

as marred and unlovely.

When I looked closer, I realized it was now a splendid

masterpiece revealing how God works in our lives each and

every season.

When I plant seeds next year, I will remember that

those seeds were hard-fought for  the previous season.

That will make those plants all the more beautiful.


1TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:

    2A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted,

    3A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to break down and a time to build up,

    4A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,

    5A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,

    6A time to get and a time to lose, a time to keep and a time to cast away,

    7A time to rend and a time to sew, a time to keep silence and a time to speak,

    8A time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

    9What profit remains for the worker from his toil?

    10I have seen the painful labor and exertion and miserable business which God has given to the sons of men with which to exercise and busy themselves.

    11He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s hearts and minds [a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy], yet so that men cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

    12I know that there is nothing better for them than to be glad and to get and do good as long as they live;

    13And also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor–it is the gift of God.

    14I know that whatever God does, it endures forever; nothing can be added to it nor anything taken from it. And God does it so that men will [reverently] fear Him [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is].

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-14 (AMP)



There is always a possibility but I will be a bit scarce for the next week

as we venture down the road to deliver our precious Courtney to college.

I am realizing how long this year has been, full of decisions and a lot of


Even things of joy and proud moments can make one tired.

There is a season and the time is now.

Despite our hearts, we are ready to begin.

Prayers cherished and appreciated.


3 thoughts on “seasons

  1. Beautifully said, Helen. I have always loved Nasturtiums too and I now will look at them from a different perspective. I will also be praying for you and your family as you deposit Courtney on the doorstep of a brand new season. 🙂


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