ta dah

ta dah

I really enjoyed reading all your words.

Even if you had to be told your word…I love that and Lisa, your Danielle

is a keeper, but you knew that already!

You have written your words, you have let those words take flight and now

I know that the Lord is going to deeply cement those intentions and aspirations.

I didn’t share my word but I doubt it is a secret as this blog is all about


So yes the word is encourager.

I definitely resonated with Stephanie as I too have a heart for the lonely

and those that feel left out.

Words are important and they matter.

Share yours with others and don’t be afraid to share the words

that you feel others are as well.

We all need to be shown what others see…it may be a brand new

revelation or it might just affirm that you are walking how you desire.

The men of the family picked the winners tonight.

One last word about your comments.

I have loved each and every one of them but don’t be shy in the future.

I usually ask questions when I post…they aren’t all rhetorical.

So…share a bit, it helps us all.

Blogging is a joy but it can be lonely as well.

Anais Nin said,

We write to taste life twice.

When you write back, you give me another taste too.

Don’t be afraid to say…”I was here” or more.

How’s that for stalling!

Did you already scroll down to see who won forgoing

my jewels of wisdom?

If you did, you are so busted!

Tee hee!

Caleb picked Barb first.

So Barb you get your pick.

Carl picked Kim.

I will bring yours to church Barb.

I will drop yours off Kim when I know which

is yours.

I planned to do all my mailing today but realized that

I might need to add to an existing package.

But they are all packed and will be mailed on Monday.

Thanks for playing along with me.

If for some reason you don’t know if you have won

this week, just scroll down and look at the past winner posts.

Time to stick a fork in it!

Have a blessed weekend!

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