goody #4

goody #4

Happy Thursday!

Last day to snag a set of journals.

Friday will bring something new.


Aren’t these just snazzy…does

anyone use that word still?

Well, maybe just me!

It was fun reading your comments.

I need your help.

I feel very musically challenged lately.

Tell me what you are listening to these

days or give me your musical faves!

If that is too hard, don’t let that stop you from

commenting, pick another favorite…book,

movie, your choice!


Winner at 9pm PST.


5 thoughts on “goody #4

  1. I am loving Pandora whenever in a wifi zone. You can input a favorite song, and it will create a playlist of similar music. Google it to go to their site.


  2. Lately I have been feeling a little nostalgic. I have been listening to Foreigner, Eagles, Journey…. anything from my old high school days (does that tell you how old I am?). It helps me get through the painting and decorating of my new craft room.


  3. I like country music and just bought a Blake Shelton cd. I wanted to go to his concert at our local amphitheater this weekend, but decided it would be cheaper to just buy the cd.

    Tell your husband that next month the Temptations and the Four Tops are coming to Chelan. Wish you could come over and join us for it. It would bring back some of their college day dances at their house…or was that Kool and the Gang?! “Celebrate good times come on…” haha


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