goody #3

goody #3

Day three!

Keep those comments coming too!

Let’s take a look at today’s mini loot:



Oh…aren’t they cute?

Perfect for your purse or on your night stand!

You know the drill by now.

Leave me a comment, it can be anything BUT

if you want to have a little fun…tell me a favorite of

summer…food, a place, a book, a movie, a memory…your choice.

Here’s a favorite of mine and Carl.



Carl is a Slurpee guy.

I love Arnold Palmers.

The golfer is pretty cute too.

I have been making  the half iced tea and lemonade combo

for years.

So fun when they started making in cans awhile back.

This one is made with pink lemonade.


Leave a comment, tell me a favorite and I will

pick another winner by 9pm PST.

You can bet on that!


8 thoughts on “goody #3

  1. Liz loves Arnold Palmers too. Me? I’m a Fresca gal. =)

    Hey Trena…I love Fresca too…it is so refreshing and hard to believe calorie free. Definitely a good thing!
    Congrats on winning yesterday’s journals and pens!


  2. It was a fluke I found a great summer place to eat. I was having coffee with a friend at 47th and Fremont. We got hungry so we decided to eat at a restaurant next door called Noho’s Hawaiian. It looked small on the outside and when we went in there wasn’t anyone in there! They came and told us there was a table out on the patio so we said OK. What a shock!! There was a ton of people sitting outside and they had tiki torches, fire pit, live music. They have wonderful food at a great price. I encourage people to try it. We met the owner and they make all sauces from scratch and marinate the meat so it is tender. YUMMY!!!

    Hi Stephanie, great recommendation!
    Both my daughters went to high school in SE and there was a Noho’s very close…I think on the corner of SE Clinton and 26th. I can’t tell you how many times I drove past it and kept meaning to go there.
    Your location is much closer to our neck of the woods…so we will have to experience it before summer’s end!


  3. Milwaukee is a test market for McDonalds new 79 cent chocolate dipped cones. Wow. They have been a sure favorite around here!

    Oh I wish the commute was closer! Carl and I lived in Minnesota for two years and we made some really great friends that live in Wisconsin. He was from there and she from MN. They live in Appleton and I think one of their kids goes to UW-Lacrosse and the other is at Eau Claire. So if she ever runs into anyone by the name of Hussey…it would be a good find. I am sure it is a huge school but you never know!


  4. Hmmm…favorite summer memory. I am from Minnesota and sorely miss the 10,000 lakes! A few times over the years we have been able to go back and stay at friend’s lake houses with our extended family for a summer vacation. I remember how still the lake was in the early morning, the sound of the Loon’s call, going out in the pontoon boat and slowly cruising around the lake, hearing the water slap under the dock. I love everything about “going to the lake” and wish I could go right now!

    I forgot that you were a Minnesota gal! Carl and I moved to Rochester about 3 weeks after we married so I could attend PT school at Mayo. We lived there 2 years almost exactly. A lot of wild and wacky weather, humidity that my
    hair did not enjoy and I think we lived in the only city with a man made lake…so not fair. But I lived in Minneapolis for 6 weeks and we took an incredible trip to Duluth. I can’t believe we have never made it back. I don’t think I had ever heard of
    a pontoon until we were back there!


  5. A favorite of summer…SUNSHINE (that’s we we live in Chelan)!!! Now I’m going to have to hunt down one of those Arnold Palmer ice tea/lemonades for our next 90 degree day…sounds delicious! 🙂


  6. Okay, I’m new to this blogging and just re-read my post. Yikes, how do I fix a typo?! Meant to say…(that’s why we live in Chelan)!

    Hey Lisa,
    Tee hee…actually I didn’t even notice the typo…
    You are doing fine.
    Sometimes I comment on each comment and sometimes I don’t.
    It makes more sense when I know people are checking the blog daily like this
    week when something different is going on.

    Oh and you got it…I will send the book along after I am done!


  7. My favorite summer day is: no chores! a good book, coffee, snack, sunshine, sitting on the deck all day

    Hey Kim,
    Sounds delightful, I must work on that!


  8. A favorite memory…just sitting by the bank of Alturas Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho after returning from an overseas mission trip…God was so real to me that day. 🙂


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