another winner

another winner

Oh I had so much fun reading your summer time faves…so much fun.

Thanks for playing along, it makes it more interactive.

If you haven’t read them, go back here.

You all have me dreaming of lounging by a lake in Minnesota (minus

the mosquitoes) or Lake Chelan or even a lake in Idaho…I see a theme!

Sipping a cold beverage, reading a good book and then heading out 

for some good Hawaiian food ending the day with an ice cream cone chaser.

Sounds like a wonderful summer day to me.

I have left a reply comment within every comment I have received since

last Sunday I believe.

So check back and see your personal reply.

I have gotten out of the habit of doing that.

Today’s winner is:


Send me an email at wassuphelen at yahoo dot com with your mailing address.

Congratulations my blogging friend!


Tomorrow will be the last day of mini journals since I gave two

away yesterday and realized that now the cupboard is bare!

Some of you that aren’t journal lovers may rejoice…you know who

you are…{giggle giggle}

So Friday will be a surprise [even to me :)].

But I will make it fun so don’t hit the snooze button on Friday.

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “another winner

  1. HI Kim,
    I am not sure…no one has mentioned that problem.
    I logged off from being the administrator and noticed that there was a big Kohl’s ad at the bottom of this post…I don’t do ads on my blog so that was weird.

    The comments are at the bottom of each post in orange and when you click it turns to green.

    Turn again…because it is no fun to not be able to read comments…especially when there are a couple…


  2. ok so how do I view the comments? they used to be at the bottom of your posts but now I can’t find them


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