goody #2

goody #2

Good morning!

Today’s giveaway is another cute set

of mini-journals and pens.

Easy breezy leave me a comment

and you are as good as entered.

Winner picked at 9pm PST.



7 thoughts on “goody #2

  1. So busy journaling over here it seems I never get to blogging anymore. But yours inspire me to get back at it!

    I am so glad you stopped by because I had to get a new Google reader account and now
    realize that your blog didn’t get booted back on.
    That is now remedied.
    I have missed you…do get back when you have time…I take breaks as well but when I want to get
    back I just try to write very short posts.
    I took your recommendation and downloaded Renovation of the Heart on my nook but I will probably
    wish I had a hand held copy to underline.
    Did you see that there is a new updated and revised edition of Fresh Brewed Life…when I got my review copy, it made me think of you!


  2. I love reading your blog. It always reminds me of things I should be doing and helps me “get to it”. Thanks!

    Thanks Trena!
    I am glad to read that.
    Writing “these things” down helps me also to get going.
    I have to live my own words and I usually get tested by them as soon as I press “publish”…occupational hazard I suppose!
    Thanks for reading Trena!


  3. I love your everyone wins but only one person gets the prize idea.

    Hi Cindy,
    I know it sounds like of like a beauty pageant…you are all winners.
    But I am glad you got what I meant!
    Thanks for stopping back and keep coming back!


  4. I’m glad to know that I’m a winner…that’s far more important than getting a prize. 🙂 But you are very sweet to offer one anyway. I love reading your blog and I’m proud to celebrate your 5th year anniversary!

    You are always a winner in my book!
    Thanks for being one of my very first readers and cheerleaders!
    I am forever thankful!


  5. Oh…I forgot to mention that I also love the new look on your blog. It’s so happy!

    Thank you and happy right back to you!


  6. Being an avid coffee drinker…I noticed the book “Fresh-Brewed Life” on your reading list. The cover looks inviting…let me know about it.
    Thanks, Lisa
    Hey Lisa, I read this book about 10 years ago after I saw Nicole Johnson at a conference. Now she does the dramatic pieces at Women of Faith. Have you ever seen her?
    This book is expanded a bit and revised. I really enjoyed it when I read it before, it is all about living life fully and with joy…kind of a theme of mine these days. There are a lot of coffee
    references and metaphors…sometimes too many. You could borrow mine once I finish it, if you don’t mind underlines. When I finish I will write a proper review as well.


  7. Thanks, Helen. That would be great…and no worries about the underlines. 🙂 I dont think I’ve seen here.

    I haven’t been checking the Notify me box, so I just went back and read your replys to my comments. Bear with me…I’ll get the hang of this blogging!



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