If I marked a year from last September to the present,

I would say that there has been quite a few milestones lately.

Carlen turned 21.

Caleb turned lucky 7.

Courtney graduated from high school.

Courtney turned 18.

Carl and I celebrated our 25th anniversary.

September will mark 30 years of knowing Carl.

August 25 and 26 will mark a few more.

Moving Courtney to college.

My birthday.

A Work of Heart turns 5.

The first couple of years just a handful of people knew of this blog’s existence.

As of today, I have written 405 posts.

There have been over 1200 comments (thank you very much!)

Carl and I have been trying to be mindful of choosing joy.

Looking for joy in the midst of the hard.

Joy…in spite of…just because.

Mostly because it feels so much better to rejoice than to bemoan.

The book pictured on the sidebar has been excellent guide as well.

In keeping with that mindset, I want to pass on a little blog joy.

The week of the anniversary is going to be a bit nuts, I am sure.

Starting Monday August 15, I will be giving away one of my favorite

things…little itty bitty journals and pens.

Just doing my best to pass on my obsession to the masses 🙂

Here’s how it works:

Each day I will post the day’s item and the winner will be picked

by 9pm PST.

On any given day, if there are no comments, that day’s goody will

be added to the next day.

Here’s a sneak peek of Monday’s offering.

Photos appear larger than actual size.

What could be better than one?

A three pack of mini journals.

Here’s how I am using one of them and by the way, it’s not this bright of a green.

It helps me keep track of my daily readings and if I needed to know how to

navigate around Paris suddenly, I am prepared as well.

Check back everyday and don’t forget to comment.

Thank you for reading A Work of Heart.

I am overflowing with joy at your many kindnesses and your

willingness to taken even a moment and check out the contents.

Humbled is more accurate!

Have a blessed weekend!

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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