Thank you so much for the nice comments last week regarding

Carl and my 25th anniversary!

Between this blog and Facebook and hugs at church,

we felt very loved and celebrated!

We had a very low key evening out at Little Big Burger.

We will be celebrating with more fanfare  next month.

Have you ever had Truffle Fries?  Very yummy!

Here’s what we look like 25 years later and check out Carl’s


I know…you thought we just changed out of our wedding clothes and

snapped a picture *wink wink*

Yesterday had a big bump near the end of the day.

It is amazing how quickly my body can internalize stress even

if I am trying to fight against it and just plain trust.

Trusting that God sees the full picture and that He is present in

the midst of every situation.

At bedtime, I felt that familiar tension in my right side,

my neck, shoulder and upper back.

Do you have a place that stores stress?

I hadn’t felt this in quite a while but it is easily recalled.

Where to turn for some relief?

Just like all the well wishes of the past week that stirred

my heart and soul and seemed to join me in joy.

God’s word is like that as well.

It bolsters the soul that is a bit deflated.

It sends cheer to the weary traveler.

As I opened the covers of my bed, I pulled out my old

friend, my prayer-book Venite.

I read the night section.

I want you to read some of it as well.

It may not be night where you are.

You may not have any stress in your life and if that is the

case you are a rare one.

I didn’t need to read much before I was reminded of God’s care

and covering.  Taking my eyes off of me and onto God

and others.

We all need to be reminded that He sees all and He knows

all and just like I felt as I wrapped my covers around me last

night and tucked myself in with His word…I was covered,

I was secured and I was able to rest.

Stress relieved.

May the Lord grant us a quiet night,

a quiet night and peace at the last.

Lord, You have examined us and know us well;

You know everything about us.

You know our thoughts;

there is not a word on our lips that You do not know.

Your are familiar with all our paths;

You have traced our journeys and our resting places,

You have kept close guard on us,

And You have spread Your hand over us.

Such knowledge is beyond our understanding;

it is high and so deep that we cannot grasp it.

Examine us, O God:  Know our thoughts and understand our fears.

Watch over us, lest we take any path that grieves You,

And guide us in the Ancient and everlasting ways.

Glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Almighty God:  Look down from on high;

and illumine this night with Your light:

that by night as by day your people may glorify Your holy Name;

through the One Who lives and reigns with You and the holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


We give you thanks, Almighty God, for the gift of Your divine Son:

For the truth of His word and the example of His life;

for His steadfast obedience, by which He overcame temptation;

for His dying, through which he overcame death;

and for His rising to life again, through which we are raised to new life.

We thank You, O Lord.

We confess that we have sinned against You this day:

some of our sin we know, and some is known only to You…

We are truly sorry and we humbly repent,

For the sake of Your Son Jesus Christ,

have mercy on us and forgive us,

that we may delight in Your will, and walk in Your ways,

to the glory of Your name.


Into Your hands,  we commit our spirits;

for You have redeemed us.

Keep us as the apple of Your eye,

and hide us in the shadow of your wings.

Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy.

Keep watch, dear LORD, with all who work or watch

or weep this night,

and give Your angels charge over those who sleep.

Tend the sick, we pray, and give rest to the weary;

soothe the suffering and bless the dying;

pity the afflicted and shield the joyous;

and all for Your love’s sake.


Now with all your people on earth, we pray the prayer

that Jesus taught those He called brothers and sisters

and friends:

Our Father…Amen.

Thanks be to God–Creator, Redeemer and Giver of Life.

May the LORD guide us waking, and guard us sleeping;

that awake we may watch with Christ and asleep we may

rest in peace.


We may never know where each step of our life paths will lead but

we can be grateful that God walks the path with us.

Leading us.

Carrying us.

Shielding us.

Covering us.

Whatever we need on the journey,

He provides.

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