a lazy girl’s high-five

a lazy girl’s high-five

Usually I do my high- fives on Friday but that just didn’t happen.

Today embodied the definition of a lazy Saturday.

So here’s my high- fives.

I don’t know if I will get to five because as you can tell

I am LAZY.

1.  Coffee date with Carl.

Carl asked me last night after our week-long VBS if I would

like to ride our bikes to get some coffee in the morning.

I said yes with one qualification…if his sore shoulder felt better.

The morning came and we woke up to rain and

even more tired.

We left Caleb with his Froot Loops and his sisters and headed

for some java.

Carl took a different route and gave me a coffee surprise.

Actually a surprise breakfast  at Cup and Saucer, the

North Mississippi location.  The only one we haven’t been to before.

Since I thought our coffee date was going to be grab and go, I looked

a bit shabby, with clothes fit for a hike, no makeup and only combed hair.

But we weren’t there to impress, just to  enjoy a great breakfast at an easily

forgotten table in the back.

It was just nice to be together.

2. Naps

Okay, maybe it was the cloudy dark skies or the big breakfast,

but I felt sleepy and when I walked into my bedroom, Carl was

sacked out across the bed, looking so dear and well, immovable.

I grabbed a blanket, a book and went up to probably the best

sleeping room in the house.

Caleb’s room, which if you have ever stayed with us, used to be

the guest room.

There’s just something about being tucked away in that room which

is conducive to sleep.

My family found me a couple of hours later :0

3.  Pintrest

Not that I need anything more to keep me on the laptop but

Pintrest in quite fun.

It’s like making a virtual bulletin board of things that you love.

This morning I “pinned” up photos of beautiful places.

Like this:

#Venice by Irene Suchoki

Boat Hotel, Cocoa Island, The Maldives Islands

underwater restaurant!

And cute pictures like these:

Oh My Goooodness :)

I cannot even stand how cute this monkey is.

Great quotes:

C.S. Lewis

Sheer yumminess:

so sweet!

Would you agree?

4.  School Supplies

Vintage Crayola

I am already seeing school supplies everywhere.

I believe that everyone needs new notebooks and pens.

Besides the best  buys can be found now!

Give in to your inner school kid and grab a fun

notebook, a pen or two and don’t forget those

Pee Chee’s.

5. Babies

When you are having a lazy day, all of a sudden

it is easier to do things that you have put off.

Not having a baby but watching a documentary

about babies.

Have you seen it?

Caleb came in about halfway and I laughed almost

as hard listening to him howl with laughter as what

was on the screen.

I did fold a basket of laundry as well…so there!

Such a cute flick and actually cuter than the trailer.

Babies are the same all over the world!

6. A Great Quote

We write to taste life twice.

**Anais Nin

I hope you enjoyed getting a taste of my lazy day!

Anything you want to give  your own personal high-five

shout out…leave me a comment if you dare!

2 thoughts on “a lazy girl’s high-five

  1. 1. First. Sweet baby smile of the morning as I lookinto the crib and he says hi grandma.
    2. The laughter of my girls and their friends
    3. The slow sweet smile and the twinkle in his eye of my man.
    4. Hi grandma arms around my neck from bella.
    5. Sunflowers face to the sun.
    6. Sunshine, drinking coffee in the morning on the deck


  2. Oh Kim!
    I love those…each and every one of your personal high-fives.
    How I wish that I had gotten my act together and planted all the sunflower seed packets
    I have now that we have dirt along the new fence…but alas next year!


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