rest (a photo essay)

rest (a photo essay)





~~Bette Midler

I read this quote the first morning I was in Pullman.

It made me smile.

Stop and smell the roses is a such an old and used saying,

but I liked this take on those words.

I had no idea that flowers would become quite key to

my time away.

On our last full day in Pullman, after we had spent

the day in Spokane, a very hot day away.  My mom

had expressed that we should take it easy on Friday.

My dad had to work and we could just putter around the

house and do something in the afternoon.

I got up when I woke up and not a moment before.

I had some breakfast and coffee.

I watched part of a movie that I had seen before and

didn’t take a shower before noon.

I read, wrote and I puttered.

Mom baked a turkey roast using a Barefoot

Contessa recipe so it felt like I could take a bite from mid-air.

Late in the afternoon, we abandoned part of our

plans and went to visit my dad at work at the hospital.

A trip to the hospital means meeting EVERYONE and I mean

EVERYONE but that’s my dad and I love him for that.

As we drove down the hill to leave and rounded another corner,

my mom and the rest of us caught a sign for U-Pick


My mom said she always wondered where the sign leads and that

she had been passing it for years.

Courtney and I said,

“Let’s follow it.”

We did until we reached this sign:

We followed the dirt road and we entered a sanctuary

of rest that we all needed.

Now if you asked Caleb what his favorite part of his

trip was you would have thought that it was getting

TWO Hawaiian Shaved Ices in Spokane or riding the

the merry-go-round with Court.

Or even getting to be the sole user of one of granddad’s

laptops to play games.

It might have been playing in a new park and riding his

scooter or even getting to stay up until 11pm.

Or visiting the bears twice.

Who knew bear cubs could make so much noise

and be so cranky?

Would you be surprised that it was going to the flower



In his words, he got to meet a dog named Hank and

I got to take pictures with Courtney.

There are a lot of words that I could express about ending our

week picking flowers but I am going to let the pictures do the


It is not that  I have never picked flowers before.

It was more about realizing that it is time to enjoy simple

pleasures with ease and without time constraints.

We didn’t rush.

Sometimes the four of us were in different places, just

doing our thing.

Jane Stratton, the owner, is such a delight.

I dub her as having one of the happiest and blessed jobs

in the world.  She is the tender of God’s beautiful creativity.

She agreed although she said it still is a lot of work.

She shared with my mom that young moms just started coming

and sitting in the gazebo, chatting, while their little ones play and

then taking home a bouquet or two.

Sacred rest and beauty.

The pictures that follow are only a small portion of the ones that were

taken by Courtney, Caleb and me.

Yesterday, I went and bought a few more perennials because I want to make

sure that I have plenty of flowers to cut and enjoy.

Here’s a great article on Jane.  Read it and you will find out the preciousness

of Pullman.

Thank you Jane for providing us with such a wonderful afternoon and memory.

You know I had a great time as I rarely post pictures of myself but couldn’t help myself.

Oh, giggle…this first picture is not a me.

Just wait!

Thank you Mrs. Stratton for the wonderful afternoon.

I am enjoying my blooms here in Portland and I know

my mom is basking in her bouquet as well.

Thanks for planting plenty of flowers.

So glad that we took the time to pick them.

Photos courtesy of Courtney Washington, Caleb Washington and Helen Washington

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