Happy Fourth of July!

So much to be thankful  for all the freedoms

we have in so many lavish ways.

I hope your day is full of family, friends, fun, food,fireworks,

and giving thanks to those that have gone before us

to fight for our freedom and those that continue

to stand up for freedom for all!

I had every intention of writing a few posts before  leaving

for a road trip tomorrow morning so that they could just

appear day by day on the blog as if I wasn’t gone.

But I will be gone and in the spirit of rest, I have just

left them to linger in my draft box.

There is one that I hope to write soon about something

I feel God whispered to me about prayer last week.

It might be a “duh” to many of you but to me it was

a ” mmmm  really?” moment.

Sorry to do that teaser as I kind of dislike it when other

bloggers leave a cliffhanger and then never resolve

it.  I promise I will flesh it out in writing soon.


It is just going to be a van with me, Courtney and Caleb going

to see our precious parents and grandparents respectively.

It will be strange without our other two member and without

any flying dog fur.

It’s summertime and Hazel is losing her coat in handfuls.


I am the solo driver and would appreciate your prayers.  We

are going to take it slow and just enjoy ourselves.

I love summer time in the Palouse.


Above is one of my nasturtium baskets and I declare

FREEDOM from caterpillars.

I guess I won the war.


See you in a week.


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