June status report…

June status report…

Well, it is almost the middle of June but here goes all those random bits and pieces…

Sitting-in my leather chair with feet propped up on ottoman

Drinking-actually my coffee mug is empty…heavy sigh that would mean getting up

Feeling-happy that today is the last day of school for Caleb…last lunch made for a while
(at least in his lunch box that will be retired today…one word…yuck)

Looking-at the mantle that once held the ” Courtney’ graduation shrine”…ha!  Now
replaced with lots of different pictures and happy flowers.  I love looking
at all those pearly whites.

Anticipating-tackling the ever-growing stack of books I have been longing to read.
Keep checking out the reading tab  to see what I am reading.

Enjoying-Super Blues-giant blueberries I bought at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  I wondered
this morning…are they just a big variety of blueberries or does someone have the
job of picking out all the big blueberries and calling them super…hmmm!  These
are the thoughts that enter my mind in the morning but nonetheless they are
 I  just started  The Fitting Room.  It is about putting on the character of Christ.
The book is based from Colossians 3: 12:

                     Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved,
clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

I just finished a chapter that focused on our being chosen by God.  It spoke to the importance
of remembering that our being chosen, holy and dearly loved makes us able to wear these
virtues.  We tend to get it backwards…we try to put on these virtues so that we will be loved by
God and somehow he will want to choose us…the good news is that he already has.
                     Quote alert:

                     Through Christ, we as believers are made holy BEFORE we are patient and loving.
We are chosen BEFORE we are kind and forgiving.  We are loved BEFORE we learn
how to be gentle and compassionate.  It’s more like, since we are chosen, holy and
loved, we get to dress like what we already are.

                     And though we are part of a vast number of saints who have been chosen, it does not
in any way diminish the exclusivity  of God’s individual choosing of me or you.


 Pondering-making a very short list of goals for the summer…some fun…some stretching…
some I am asking God to bring to mind if they haven’t crossed mine yet.

Rechecking-this book  out again from the library.  I never got a chance to immerse myself
in it the last time.  Carl already requested the jammers.   I am partial to the
Parisian Macaroons…yum!

Remembering-Saturdays’ bike ride with Carlen and Courtney to retrieve Slurpee’s.
 Just for them  because I just am not a Slurpee kind of gal and if truth be told,
 I need both my hands to steer.  I will need to keep riding if I use the above  cookbook too frequently!

Feeling blessed-to have this itty bitty blog…that people stop by and read awhile. That you comment
and write me emails that remind me that God is always the mover of my fingers and
that I write for one...always!
So thankful  God declared me a writer even before I could whisper it…this blog is
nearly a 5 year deposit of a dream that I know God continues to
mold and shape.  

 So happy to be putty in His hands!  How I long to be like silly putty…
stretched but able to resume the position back to the Maker…to be
pressed, revealing the imprint and appearance of the One who allows
the pressure. Do you remember silly putty and comic strips?
I pray that I would keep my shape and my pliability always. 

Thanks for sharing this space with me!





2 thoughts on “June status report…

  1. I love your random bits and pieces and the fact that you are willing to share so many treasures of your life with us. I hope you are able to delve far into your stack of books and just enjoy. You deserve some rest after this busy season. There are good things coming. You are loved. 🙂


  2. I pray for boomerang rest for you as well. I will take those good things…but either way…God is good and that is enough!


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