a chapter ends and another begins…

a chapter ends and another begins…

What a great night!

Courtney and her 1000 watt smile lit up the night and our hearts!

There’s the proof!

Don’t you just love the mom in the background…you know she is going in for the killer hug!

Gotta love moms!

Proud Papa…

Beaming Grands…

Sibling support…with matching smiles…I guess it runs in the family.

Bless you Carlen for working so hard to finish up at your job so you could see your sister march!

Bless you as well Caleb for staying up so late to figure out what this graduating business was all about!

Bless you sweet Courtney for making us so proud and reminding us of the power of hard work!

I hope you partied well with your classmates and I will see you for your last ride home from Cleveland High School…at 5:15am…heavy sigh!

You are worth a few hours less beauty sleep!


9 thoughts on “a chapter ends and another begins…

  1. JESS…we need to catch up! Congratulations as well! Proud moms all around!
    I must admit, I miss your blog…ever think of starting up again?
    Let’s email soon and catch each up on prayer needs…we have neglected our partnership!


  2. Hi Helen! Beautiful! Wow! Lots ofcelebrating! We have blessings to add when I get back fromMichigan! Xo, karen


  3. What a stunniing young woman! Congratualations to Courtney and to your wonderful family for all the love and care and knowledge of Jesus that has been poured into her over the years. We can’t wait to see the path that God has designed for her. It will be beautfiul! Love you all!


  4. Congratulations to your lovely daughter, Helen! My oldest just graduated as well…God is faithful. Plan to touch base with an email in the near future. Enjoy the rest of your week…I know you must be so proud. 😉


  5. This is one happy and proud family this morning. What a wonderful few days we have had celebrating Courtney and family. Our best wishes to all your readers who are celebrating their children accomplishments. Parents you have done well and God has blessed you well. Blessings to Courtney and family. Now get some rest.


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