i shall return…

i shall return…

In the final countdown towards this girl’s graduation!

But I shall return…I promise!

Until then, here’s a great quote I read over the weekend about our unchanging God.


He is always the same, at all seasons of the year and in all ages,
there is no change in his character,
his mode of being,
his purposes and plans.

What He was millions of ages before the worlds were made,
He is now,
what He is now,
He will be countless millions of ages hence.

We may be sure that whatever changes
there may be in human affairs,
whatever reverses we may undergo;
whatever oceans we cross,
or whatever mountain we may climb,
or in whatever worlds, we may hereafter
take up our abode,

God is the same. 

~~Albert Barnes



Plus a great link that just makes me grin from ear to ear.

Don’t miss the printable at the bottom.

I will also post the June desktop when it become available!

Ah yes, June arrives in the morning!

Ta ta for now!

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