A couple of weeks ago, the marriage group that Carl and I were co-leading with

another couple ended.

At our last meeting, each person was given the opportunity to express what they had learned

during our time together and/or what they were taking with them to enhance their marriage.

When it was my turn, I shared that early in our time together there was a section from the

book that we were reading that really ministered to me.

  1. You and your partner both need copious amounts of grace and love.
  2. It’s your responsibility to give large amounts of grace and love to each other.
  3. You probably don’t have enough grace and love to give.

The idea of giving grace to each other in marriage was not new to me.

But somehow, the way this was written really impacted me.

I looked up the word “copious” because well, that’s just me…that’s how I roll.

copious means…

  • full of thought, information or matter
  • plentiful in number
  • yielding something abundantly
  • exuberant
  • taking place on a large scale
  • present in large quantity
The grace that each one of us has been given from God is expressed by each of the above
I am to extend a grace to my husband that is exuberant.
It is to take place on a large scale and be present in large quantities.
For grace to be full of thought and information means that I know my husband.
I know what he needs.
I know who he is.
I realized that perhaps I could be the only person in his world that might
offer him grace on a given day.
How exhausting and discouraging to walk through each day without a tangible
expression of grace.
The development of this concept  has staggered me.
It has humbled me because I fall  short so often.
But I will continue to pursue showing Carl copious amounts of grace.
I also need to remember that neither one of us will have enough.
Only God has an inexhaustible supply.
I am also learning that I have to extend myself grace as well.
Perhaps this is the time of the year that most people feel somewhat
Kids are finishing school, kids are coming home from being away at
school or maybe you are in school as well…oh and summer seems so
I have found my rhythm has been disrupted and dismantled.
It has shown up in many ways but one of the most noticeable
to me is my daily reading.
I adore the plan I am using but I am behind and when I have approached
it, I feel like I am just crossing off each chapter and not sinking into
each reading.
So…grace…copious amounts of grace.
Oh how I need to  extend it to myself as well.
I am taking a few weeks off and the world won’t end.
Well, some people feel differently about that…but that is
another story entirely.
I am setting aside the plan but not abandoning the Word.
I am going to hang out in James for a while.  He is such an
old friend that I have neglected for quite a while.  If I have a few extra
moments, I am going take a look at  this book  that was on my shelf waiting.
Yes, James has been my long lost now found friend.
I am going to just read a few verses each morning and use
the SOAP method for journaling my thoughts.
Now as a physical therapist, I learned the SOAP method
for writing up evaluations.
But this SOAP method is  as follows:
S– write out the scripture passage
Do you know that just writing out scripture is a great aid for memorization?
O– write down 1 or 2 observations from the passage
A– write down 1-2 applications from the passage
P- pray over what you learned from the passage
Yes there is grace but I  guess I need a sprinkling of a plan as well.
Just like grace to make my shoulders relax and my face softens and I start
to exhale instead of holding my breath.
Is there something in your life that you need to extend grace to yourself?
Is there someone who needs your grace?
It’s never too late to show grace.
It never is overdue or out of style.
Grace is like  applying soap to all the grit and debris of our lives.
Sometimes we are dusty.
Other times  we are covered in mud from head to toe.
Grace cleans us up so that we can lather up some suds onto  someone else.
Many you partake of abundant grace and may you impart it in extravagant measure.

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