Lead Serve Love (+ giveaway)

Lead Serve Love (+ giveaway)

I had the joy of reading through Gregory E. Lang’s pint-sized book Lead Serve Love.

Sometimes it is nice to have  marching orders of sorts condensed to a short sentence or even

a single word.

When the word or words are uttered, focus is engaged.

Lang has compiled a book of 100 3-word ways to be like Jesus.

A friend of his calls it the “three-ology” theology.

For quite awhile over cyberspace many people were writing 6 word memoirs.

Lang has cut that in half and made 3 little words powerful to the hearer.

Each three-ology is followed by a brief commentary and scriptures.

How simple is that?

I wish that I had the idea first.

Since there are 100…here are 20 of my favorites:

  • Calm troubled waters
  • Count to Three
  • Smile at everyone
  • Offer your shoulder
  • Use measured words
  • Help others succeed
  • Cherish your spouse
  • Love the unloved
  • Use your gifts
  • Patiently endure testing
  • Overcome your worry
  • Know your purpose
  • Strive for justice
  • Live as servants
  • Remember your renewal
  • Live in today
  • Accept what comes
  • Love without hesitation
  • Parent with love
  • Forget the past

I had such fun last week reading some of your royal guest names.

I hadn’t realized how much I needed a giggle.

I would like to give away this wonderful resource.

Three ways to enter:

  • Choose one of the three words above as a three-ology that gave you pause.
  • Tell me your own three word theology.
  • Simple say…I am out of words…give me some!
My personal one is:
Encouragement spreads love.
Random winner drawn on Wednesday May 4th at 5pm.
I was pleased to receive a complimentary copy of Lead Serve Love and wrote an honest review in exchange.
Thank you Thomas Nelson.

4 thoughts on “Lead Serve Love (+ giveaway)

  1. I think the title of the book speaks most to me at this time. Or one I’d come up with myself is Live, Learn, Love. All choices that I must make daily.

    Thanks Helen. Hope to see you Sunday or soon.


  2. I liked all of the three-ology phrases you listed! The one that caught my eye was “smile at everyone” because one day last week I made a point to (driving in my car, at the store, whatever)try and catch people’s eye and give them a big smile….and most of them did a little double-take, and smiled back! I need to do that more often actually….usually I’m not paying much attention to people I don’t know as I go through my day.


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