Tonight…I am up too late.

Not because I am waiting up to see Kate and William tie the knot.

I think my ability to pull an all-nighter is history.

Tonight I had a giggle putting together my royal guest name on Facebook and

reading other people’s names as well.

Here’s the formula:

First name: grandparents’ names

Middle name: name of first pet

Last name: street you grew up on

Lady Helen Lelia Rufus of Blaine  will not be attending the festivities.

I have no doubt that I will see plenty of the footage at a more reasonable hour tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will write a post of some substance (at least I hope)…I promise.

Tonight I am baffled that there is not one person that would like a free book.

If I am wrong and there is someone who would like me to send them  Misplacing God,

be the first person to tell me their royal guest name and I will send it to you  tomorrow.

If there is no one…so be it.

Can’t you imagine the Queen Mum saying that…so be it ?

Until tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “tonight…tomorrow…

  1. Lady Barbara Barbara Jasper A… 🙂

    I happen to be named after my grandmother 🙂 and the only street I can remember is “A” Street…we lived on several while I was growing up!


  2. hi helen,

    I would LOVE a book. I just haven’t been online. 🙂

    Your post about the names is funny and interesting. I am
    Lady Cheryl Emily Melvin of Alder. I had no idea I was so fancy!


  3. Duchess Willa Evelyn Winkie of Cleveland wants Lady Helen to know that we would have applied for the book but thought that the commoners would have suspected an inside deal. Loved it Lady Helen.


  4. Okay…I am loving these names.
    I had no idea that I was in the presence of some much precious royal blood!
    You all gave me a giggle this morning and you did my heart good. I think I was lonely…thanks for the comments and I will be sending out the book to Lady Barbara Barbara Jasper of A…quite regal indeed!


  5. Lady Helen…received the book today…I shall take it with me tomorrow whilst I’m waiting for Prince Daniel to finish his musical training. 😉


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